Are online casino slots better than land-based casino slots?

There is no secret that land-based casinos where horrified when they first heard that a casino appeared on the web. They were certain of the impending fate: fierce competition. Their absolute monopoly on casino games and betting was now challenged by this newcomer, the online casino. Many of the big corporations saw their enterprise under threat, unable to compete with the vantage point of online casinos, providing their services round the clock from any computer that had an internet connection. Players can access an online Blackjack table, for example, without the need of putting on clothes nor looking for a free table.


Luckily for brick and mortar casinos this was not their dramatic end. Players still enjoy traveling to their nearest casino/holiday destination, eating out, staying at a nice hotel and gambling on evenings on the ground floor.

However, it is still an ongoing competition. Land casinos want to attract a wider audience and regain those that they lost to online gaming. So, both online casino and land casinos operate with different strategies to make their companies most luring to players.

This article is meant to show the strategies and ways casinos operate in order to attract players. This is beneficial to you as a player, as you can take advantages of these incentives offered to you.

Land casinos used to have very low pay-out rates for their slot machines. In a report for Las Vegas casinos had slot machines with an average set payout rate of only 92%. Online casinos, such as Superior Casino, have their slots with a pay-back rate of no less than 94%. Some online slots at Superior Casino provide up to 97% pay-back rates. Land casinos soon realized that they had to compete with this and recently some land casinos have raised their slots payouts considerably. Some report to have up to 98%.

In response to this online casinos continue to offer great incentives for players. They provide big bonuses for every deposit. At land casinos players can only gamble with their own money. Every now and then they get vouchers but they do not get a “bonus” for every bill they change at the cashier for coins. On the other hand, online casinos provide players with a bonus and on top of that give them cashbacks, weekly tokens and free spins. There is a slight advantage here as to what online casino can offer.

The reason online casinos can offer more to players is because they have lower running costs. A land casino must pay for its employees, 24/7 dealers, maintenance, cooks, waitresses, cashier people and so on. They must also serve drinks and food which is an added cost to their company. Online casinos operate online and that greatly diminishes the operation costs. For this reason they can offer more perks to players.

Don’t get us wrong, bonuses do cost online casinos a lot. Remember that an online casino makes only a certain percentage of all the bets, somewhere around 2-3%. When half of these bets are bonus money, the actual income of the casino is reduced to a humble 1% of all bets.

Now that you’ve had a little perspective on how slot machines different between online casinos and land caisnos, we invite you to play one of the all-time favorites slot machines (available in land casinos and now online casinos, particularly here at Superior Casino).

Play the famous 7’s and Bars slot and win a free: 13 Casino Chip Token!


To win this token simply play this game this week during your normal visit. If you complete 50 real money spins on this slot before the end of the current week, expect to receive the extra-chance Free $13 Token on Monday March 7th.

This is another incentive for players that visit our online casino. We wish you all the best of luck as always.

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