The new 3-reel slot (fruit machine) is now live at Superior Casino.


Introducing Heroes’ Realm, the new mythical adventure at Superior Casino.


This is an ambitious new slot because it is only a 3-reel slot but has, as we’ll see, several bonus features plus astounding graphics and sound-effects. It plays almost like a video slot but has the simplicity of just one pay-line, and three reels with max bet of 3 coins.


Heroes’ Realm has two pay-tables. This is the first time we see a 3-reel slot having 2 sets of pay-tables. The first table (above), shows the normal paying symbols.


The second pay-table (above) describes the special bonus features of Heroes’ Realm. As you can see there are free spins on this slot as well as an interactive bonus round. These features make it stand out from the rest already. But just start playing and notice the moving background with the two heroes, plus all the sound-effects that go off while you play and get paying combinations.


As stated above, you get free spins in this online slot. But not just a few sets of free spins. If you get all three of the special swords you will be awarded a total of 50 real money spins! Otherwise, just getting two will award a still decent set of 10 free spins.


Finally, we have the bonus round. When have you seen a 3-reel slot with a bonus round? This could be the first time around and we invite you to participate in the adventure. Fight spectral skeletons that attacked nearby towns. Collect coins for destroying the enemies but watch out! You will lose coins (bonus round earnings) for the damage you receive in your domain. Kill them all to get a hefty prize at the end of the bonus round, especially when you defeat the evil leader!


Heroes’ Realm is a unique online fruit slot machine available at Superior Casino via download or through our no-download slot page.

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