Sherwood Forest Fortunes is a New I-Slot with Three Bonus Rounds

If you're into the hero-Robin Hood-saves-the-day theme, then Sherwood Forest Fortunes is the slot game for you! This interactive slot features 5 reels and 20 paylines that can really help players make all types of winning combinations.

The symbols in the game include the Sheriff of Nottingham, Maid Marian and the whole Merry Men gang. The story line of Sherwood Forest Fortunes revolves around Robin Hood and his posse trying to stop the Sheriff from robbing and bullying the local villagers.

One of the coolest features of this i-slot is the fact that as players advance through the story they can instantly track their progress on the interactive game map that is available on a different screen. The main goal of Sherwood Forest Fortunes is to capture the Sheriff that is hiding somewhere in the Sherwood Forest; when players finally lay their hands on him, they'll be rewarded with a huge bonus prize.

As players continue their exciting adventure on the reels of Sherwood Forest Fortunes they will discover the three bonus round games one by one. The bonus games will let players progress towards finally finding the Sheriff.

The first bonus game is “Target Prize” where players must show-off their archery skills by choosing their target, clicking on it and aiming their bow in the right direction to earn the most amount of coins possible.

The second bonus round is the “Steal From The Rich”. The Nobleman's carriage has broken down and his riches are scattered along the path. Players must manage to steal the riches by clicking on them and avoid the Sheriff at all times.

Finally, players will try to defeat the evil Sheriff to save Sherwood Forrest in the “Sheriff's Duel” bonus game where they must choose the targets to attack. When the round finishes players could collect a jaw-dropping jackpot prize worth 75,000 coins.

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