Online Casino takes you to a night out with Video Slot: Opera Night

Superior Casino releases the latest online 5-reel video slot: Opera Night


Superior Casino does not cease to amaze. Just last week two new 3D online slots were released (French Cuisine and Dog Casher) and now here comes the latest addition to a list of over 60 online slots already. The latest peer goes by the name of Opera Night and it is a 5-reel slot with 20 betting lines and up to 10 coin bets.


As the name suggest, Opera Night is all about opera. You will find in its reels famous characters from famous operas such as Carmen, Figaro and the like. This is a dramatic video slot because it offers many kinds of bonus features that will help players beat the game and take profit.


First, let’s have a look at the pay-table above. That is the first of two pay-tables. It offers the normal icons and their payouts. Most jackpots are modest but some reach up 300 coins. There is a special icon to notice hear, the Masked Man. This icon will play a special role in the game and we shall see it in the second pay-table with the jackpot icon and the bonus features.


In the second pay-table above all the bonus features are explained. There are several things to look forward to. There is the classic case of a wild icon that will be substituted for any other icon in the first pay-table, allowing the highest possible win. Players should look forward to the bonus round, which turns out will pay very highly if you can play it well.


See the screen shot above of the bonus round. You will round up 4 wine glasses in front of the opera singer. Then a gauge will move back and forth representing the intensity of the note the opera singer will sing. If you can get close to the red upper part of the gauge, you are likely to shatter all four glasses. Getting all four glasses delivers an average jackpot of 1200 coins. This turns to be a lot of money even on a low bet such as $0.20 per spin. When we tried the game we got a few times bonus round jackpots of over $13 on just a 20 cent spin.


The next feature is the sets of free spins. We slot players all love this and can never wait to get our hands on them. The orchestra conductor will trigger the bonus spins. All bonus free spins have a 3x multiplier. Players can get sets of 5 free spins by getting 3 conductors icons in one spin, 10 free spins when getting 4 conductors in a single spin, and finally, 20 free spins if you get all 5 conductors in each reel within a single spin.


The last bonus feature is an innovation. It is a drop icon feature. The Masked Man, as we remarked, will play its center role. When 3 or more Masked Men appear in a pay-line, they will give out their respective payout and then will vanish allowing the icons above them to fall into their place, creating a new combination of icons and new possible payouts on that same spin.

Opera Night is an exciting new online video slots for those players that enjoy both free slots in fun mode and real money slot machines to win real cash.

Online Casino Contest, to win: FREE $15

We invite all active players (with at least 1 deposit at Superior Casino) to come and try the new Opera Night slot. Completing at least 100 real money spins on the new game this week will guarantee an extra free bonus of $15 added to your cashier on Monday February 7th.

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