Official New Video Slot Release: Cream of the Crop review

Official New Video Slot Release: Cream of the Crop review

Superior Casino releases the latest 5-reel video slot that is sure to become a new favorite pastime for thousands of online casino players worldwide.

On November 23rd, Superior Casino has launched a new video slot for those players that enjoy cutting-edge slot machines. Colorful, with pleasant music and an original “spin”, this video slot has a wide appeal and may attract players from all ages that are looking for cool slot machines.

Superior Casino presents: Cream of the Crop 


We have here a new 5-reel slot with 20 betting lines and up to 10 coin bets. Players will be surprised to discover that the reels don’t “spin” in this slot, the icons pop out of the ground. The slot has an agriculture theme, with vegetables growing in a rural field. Most of the icons are edible vegetables that we are all too familiar with. After each spin you will see them grow from seeds to full-sized icons within seconds. This is an innovative variation to the common spinning slots.

Cream of the Crop slot has several special features that are common to video slot but they too present a variation that will keep players entertained for hours. The wild bunny is found within the icons and it will fill up an entire reel if it helps complete a win. The ‘wild’ bunny is also wild, in that it can be substituted for any other icon in order to get the highest win.


Players must then place attention to the bonus round feature. This bonus round is different from others were have seen in the past. Players will have to pick different locations on the soil to extract a secret harvest. It can be vegetables which are very good because they don’t just give out coin jackpots, they award FREE SPINS! Throughout the bonus round player can accrue free spins as well as coins. Another object hidden under the earth is treasure chests and these have sumptuous coin jackpots. The bonus round ends as soon as the player picks up a week plant.


The new Superior video slot is a sight to admire. Come by and play with big bonuses supplied by the one and only, Superior Casino!



Nothing like receiving an extra boast to your bankroll. This week it’s time to play the new Cream of the Crop video slot. Simply complete 50 real money wagers on this slot this week to receive, next Monday:

FREE $13 Casino Bonus

Available to all Superior Casino Players that have made a deposit in the past.
Enjoy the new fun video slot: Cream of the Crop and go for the harvest of the decade!

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