Newest 3-reel Slot coming plus new Movie Trivia

It hasn’t been a week since we announced the release of our latest I-slot game, Psychedelic Sixties, and we again have news of a new game coming out. Early next week all of Superior Casino’s players will be hailing the new 3-reel slot machine.

Here’s a teaser sneak peek of the coming 3-reel slot machine:

This slot can be accessed from our casino games Instant Play page or in our free download software. It has the new full-screen animations that vary between smaller wins and bigger wins. The slot has wild icons that can multiply wins. The top jackpot is of $10,000.

::: MOVIE TRIVIA ::: (expires July 14th at noon Eastern Time)

In the now classic trilogy of The Lord of The Rings, the protagonist Frodo is accompanied by three fellow hobbits. What are their names?

Answer correctly to receive at your cashier:



To apply for the trivia rewards you must fit these criteria:

1) Have made a deposit within the last two months (since May 1st)
2) Have your account in good standing, with promotions allowed
3) Have not received more than 2 no-deposit bonuses since your last deposit

Send your answer to Stephen Vaughn at to receive your Trivia Bonuses. Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your answer, during weekdays.

Enjoy another thrilling week of online entertainment only at Superior Casino!

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