New Scratch Card Game: Gunslinger’s Gold

While we wait for the new I-slot – SPY GAME- to come out, we have a warmer-upper game at our Specialty Games section at our Free Casino Games lobby.

The new game is called: Gunslinger’s Gold

A very fun and easy game to play. It is just like the scratch cards you pick up at a lotto store. Pay anywhere between 5 cents and $1 for a card and easily multiply the card’s value up to 50 times. With some good luck you can quickly multiply your casino balance!

:: Movie Trivia :: (expires August 18th at noon Eastern Time)

In the 1996 Sci-Fi movie “Independence Day” with Will Smith; humankind defeat the invading aliens when:

a) Shielding the sun and disrupting their power source
b) Infecting their food with a deadly bacteria
c) Inserting a computer virus into the alien’s mothership
d) Signaling Batman to come rescue them

For your correct answer you will receive:

FREE $13
125% Trivia Reload

Only Active players can participate if they have:

1) Made a deposit within the last two months (since June 2009)
2) Account in good standing, with promotions allowed
3) Have not received more than 2 no-deposit bonuses since last deposit

All answers go to to Stephen Vaughn. Allow him up to 24 hours to reply, on weekdays only.

Enjoy the new games at Superior Casino, we hope you find your lucky jackpot!

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