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This is the official review for the new 5-reel video slot: DooWop Daddy-o

The times they are a-changin’, before our own very eyes. The reality of the 1950’s in America is long buried in the past but that doesn’t mean we can’t look back with certain amusement and nostalgia. The spirit of the 50’s has become the inspiration for the theme of the new dashing slot machine at Superior Casino. A flash from the past: roller skates, milk shakes and juke boxes constitute the new video slot:

DooWop Daddy-o


Neon lights adorn this sharp-looking slot, with trendy reels full of quaint characters and items from the 1950’s. This will naturally appeal to all those players that lived their youth in those memorable years. However, this slot was designed to appeal to a wider audience. The graphics are playful and funny, plus the bonus rounds will appeal to many of the younger crowd.

Let’s begin by having a look at the paytable. This slot divides all payouts in two separate pay-tables. On the first are revealed the normal pay jackpots, with a top jackpot of 1000 coins if you get all 5 hipster icons in a payline:


On the second pay-table we have a different sort of jackpots and bonus features.


The first symbol displayed from top left to right is the Scatter Symbol. This is a motorcycle symbol with a special function. As a Scatter Symbol it does not have to appear on a pay-line in order to give out a payout. It may appear on any reel and in any position.  If at least two appear in a spin, there will be a coin jackpot given.



Then, we can see there is a special Wild Symbol. The wild can be substituted for any of the first pay-table page. Lining up Wild Symbols on a payline can only give out big jackpots. Significant wild symbol wins will be celebrated with big musical notes passing over the slot reels:



Now, what players love most are bonus rounds. They won’t be disappointed with DooWop Daddy-o. This new video slot has 2 interactive bonus rounds that will keep you asking for more! During the first bonus round, you will step behind the diner’s counter and serve customer as they make their orders. Satisfy their appetites and receive big cash awards:


The second bonus round is double the fun. You will race an old classy truck down the highway. Change gears, hunk the horn and speed up for a victory. Big amounts of coins will be given if you can win the race:



DooWop Daddy-o is an all-round video slot, with a solid payout rate of approximately 97%. The great thing about it is that the bonus round come often, so there’s always an extra element of entertainment and big chance to win a significant jackpot. Another winning slot game at your favorite online casino: Superior Casino!

::::: PLAY DooWop Daddy-o TO WIN $20 FREE! :::::

How? Simply complete at least 50 real money wagers on this new slot before the upcoming Sunday August 29th. This promotion is available only to players that have deposited previously at Superior Casino, and that have normal promotions allowed. Bonus disabled countries do not apply.

The Free $20 will be awarded at the cashier on Monday August 30th.

May you all enjoy the new bashing video slot: DooWop Daddy-o

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