Love and Money meet again at Superior Casino!

Superior Casino completely renovates graphics and animations of their classic ‘Love and Money’ video slot slot machine. Read the full review below.


Superior Casino is famous for having some of the best online slots available today. Over 60 slot games are available via the free download of the casino software or by accessing the Free No Download Slots page.

As new games are released, the older ones may seem outdated but that won’t be for long. Superior Casino does not neglect the old games. That’s why the classic video slot game, Love and Money, has been revamped with well-crafted design and animations.

We present today the newest version of Love and Money:


Now you can enjoy this famous video slot in new improved graphics, with renovated reel icons and a refined introduction animation. You also get new in-game animations for significant events, such as when you trigger free spins or wild icons.

Those that are big fans of this game should not worry. The old pay scheme is still the same. As you can see, the paytable has remained virtually the same albeit with new graphics:


Players should look forward to getting those free spins that quickly increase the balance for significant winnings. Free spins come in sets of 10 spins all with a 3x multiplier:


We invite all new and current active players to try the new Love and Money. This game has had very loose months when it has paid close to 100%. Here is a record of its highest paying months in 2010:

February 2010 pay-out rate: 98.23%
May 2010 pay-out rate: 97.95%
June 2010 pay-out rate: 96.11%

Make September a high yielding month by cashing out big jackpots playing Love and Money.


To our active players, we have a special contest for you.

Come and try out the new Love and Money by placing at least 33 real money spins. If you complete these spins before Sunday September 5th, then you will receive on next Monday at your cashier:


For further spins at your favorite slots!

This promotion is available only to players that have deposited previously at Superior Casino, and that have normal promotions allowed. Bonus disabled countries do not apply.

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