Bust-a-Vault new 3-reel online casino slot machine!

The much anticipated new 3-reel slot machine of Superior Casino is finally here!

Winning is a wonderful experience with Bust-a-Vault. This thrilling 3-reel slot has wild animations for all your wins. Play up to three coins per spin and try to reach that top jackpot of $10,000!

Come try it yourself and test how loose the jackpots are. Bust-a-Vault is LIVE with our download casino version and will soon be available at our Free Casino Games webpage, that does not require download.

::: MOVIE TRIVIA ::: (expires July 21st at noon EST)

In the 1999 movie Oscar-winning American Beauty, the protagonist Lester Burnham early in the movie quits his job as he experiences an existential crisis. Later in the movie he finds a low-demanding replacement job as:

a) Garbage collector
b) Shark feeder
c) Employee in fast food chain
d) Dog walker

Correct answers receive Free $10 Trivia Token plus 150% Reload Trivia Bonus!

Make sure you fit the criteria before you send your answer:

1) Have made a deposit within the last two months (since May 14th)
2) Have your account in good standing, with promotions allowed
3) Have not received more than 2 no-deposit bonuses since your last deposit

All answers go to host@superiorcasino.com to Stephen Vaughn. Allow him up to 24 hours to reply, on weekdays only.

Good luck to you all and enjoy the new Bust-a-Vault slot machine!

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