COSMIC QUEST a new era begins at Superior Casino!

COSMIC QUEST a new era begins at Superior Casino!
By Jean Real

Hold on to your rocket ship, another breakthrough in Slot gaming is here!

Superior Casino takes yet another revolutionary step with their I-Slots series. Cosmic Quest leaps forward, redefining the concept of slot machines.

Combining 5 colorful reels with 20 paylines, Cosmic Quest will provide hours of fun as money literally falls from heaven! Laser Guns, Space Men, Radio Antennas, Satellites, Rocket Rides icons will deliver up to 5000 coins if you hit 5 per payline.

But we’re not at full-throttle yet:

3 space monkeys activate the 10 free-spins mode and Rocket Rides icons will multiply winning lines by 3x! Your winnings will be out-of-this-world every time you see that Rocket take off from the reels.

Cosmic Quest is not just another passive click-of-the-button slot machine, the bonus round will test your Star Wars skills as you cruise through an asteroid belt blasting extraterrestrial rocks. Three voluptuous female astronauts trigger the Cosmic Quest Episode. Use your keyboard arrows to navigate through outer space and fire with the space bar at the incoming asteroids. Earn up to 800 coins PER ASTEROID DESTROYED!!

Let’s be serious, you’ve never seen anything like this on Earth! Log in to Superior Casino and Blast away!

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