Another Look at Wild Symbols in Superior Casino Fruit Machine Games

Without a doubt, online fruit machine games are consistently among the most popular games at Superior Casino. Some might be wondering why and the answer is an obvious one: these games are deceptively simple. While it’s very true that all you need to do in order to enjoy one of our fun fruit machine games is a choose a game and then click the spin button, the reality is that these games are far more complex that they’re given credit for.

As the years have passed, online fruit machines have climbed to a whole new level of interesting with more complex design, theme ideas, beautiful reels, symbols and much more. These days, Superior Casino offers players the chance to get lost in the wonderful world of sports with highly interactive games such as Hole in One or a great deal of creative 5 reel fruit machines such as Hobo’s Hoard or the Scary Rich Saga.


One of the most interesting features that have been added to our online fruit machines are Wild symbols. While you may be familiar with these types of symbols, you may not fully understand just how they work.


These icons come into play in a great deal of ways and can be found in most of our games. Granted, players are more likely to find these in the more modern machines rather than our 3 reel games.

The Random Number Generator (RNG) is the device that’s in charge of generating the results and unique sequences of numbers that correspond to given positions, symbols and payouts on the machine reels. What makes wild symbols different from others is that these are programmed to function or replace any other symbol that would complete a winning combination. Hence, it’s safe to say that Wild symbols give players an advantage with each passing spin.


Luckily for you, many of Superior Casino games such as Pigskin Payout and Baby Boomers fall into the Wild symbol category. There’s much more to be learned about Wild symbols but we will discuss more of their magic in our next Superior blog installment!

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