Meeting Superior Casino Wagering Requirements

November 11th, 2013

When playing virtual casino games at Superior Casino you’re going to enjoy many perks. These perks include a seemingly endless amount of games which are updated on a constant basis, bonuses and special promotions and overall, huge chances of winning big cash prizes. However, as most bettors know, there is one big catch that comes with these special bonus offered by our casino and that is that wagering requirements must be met. Luckily, we have some special tips that can help you earn this bonus money faster.

First of all, you want to fully understand what wagering requirements truly are. If you want to take full advantage of any of our special promotions such as our $20 Slots No Deposit bonus or any of our Casino Games bonuses, you must first thoroughly read and understand the wagering requirements attached to these.

If you want to be able to cash out your bonus, you must first earn it. The conditions attached to each bonus varies, however the basic rule remains: wager the bonus amount or the bonus amount plus the deposit amount a certain amount of times. For example, with our $500 Casino Games bonus players must wager their deposit amount + bonus 35 times before they can request any withdrawal. For a $200 deposit players will get $100 extra and they must wager this amount 35 times which adds up to $10,500

Try your luck with as many of our games as you like, however keep in mind that our fantastic fruit machine games are a great way to quickly meet your wagering requirements! New games such as Scary Rich 3, Jolly Roger’s Jackpot are excellent choices you will not get bored of easily. Or go for one of our classic progressive jackpot games like Money Magic or One Million Reels BC!

Make sure to read through the general Superior Casino’s Promotion Terms and Conditions for a more complete assestment of these:

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Red Dog Optimal Strategy

December 10th, 2008

Red Dog Optimal Strategy
by Jean Real

Online casino games are not all that hard to beat. The player will always have a very slight disadvantage but this can be reduced to a minimum if you know how to play the game perfectly. As a player, the first thing you must do is find out how to play a chance game such as Red Dog, with a perfect strategy. Once you apply the strategy to the game, your chances of making a profit will be increase. Since the game is ultimately random an optimal strategy cannot guarantee winnings to every player that applies it. It’s a combination of your skill and luck that will determine the outcome of the game.

Red Dog Poker sometimes known as Acey-Deucey, is quite a simple game to play. The game starts by dealing two cards in front of you from a 52-card deck.  The cards’ values are the same as in poker (2 being the lowest, Ace being the highest).  If the two cards dealt have the same rank (say, two Kings), the game will automatically deal another card in order to see if a three-of-a-kind is completed. Completing a three-of-a-kind will pay the player 11:1. If it is not, then the game is over and the bet results in a push. If the two cards dealt are consecutive (say, an 8 and a 9), the game is over and results again in a push.

So, when the cards are neither the same nor in consecutive order, the player gets a chance to raise the bet. By raising the bet the player is willing to gamble that the next card to appear will have a value between the two initially dealt cards. The bigger the gap between the first two cards, the better chance the player has of winning the bet. The raise is not necessary; the player may gamble only with his or her initial bet by pressing the “call” button.

The Spread. In Red Dog Poker, the spread represent the number of card ranks that can fall between the two initially dealt cards. The wider the gap, or in other words, the higher the spread, the lower the payout; and vice versa, the lower the spread the higher the payout. Payouts are made according to this paytable:

Hand Payout
Spread of 1 (5:1)
Spread of 2 (4:1)
Spread of 3 (2:1)
Spread of 4-11 (1:1)
Pair (Push)
Consecutive Cards (Push)
Three of a Kind (11:1)

The optimal Red Dog Strategy is quite simple. The player should only raise the bet if the spread is of 7 or higher. This will result in more wins than lost hand when you raise the bet. If you raise on spreads of 6 or less, the house holds a higher edge and these bets will result mostly in lost hands.

Superior Casino has best online casino games strategies for you. Try your luck with this easy Red Dog Poker strategy!

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The ultimate Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy

October 16th, 2008

The ultimate Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy
by Jean Real

You’ve probably seen those big poker tournaments on TV, such as the World Series of Poker, and you’re really wondering how hard it can be to compete at poker with other players. We have to tell you, Poker is an art to be learned and before you head out to a big poker tournament you should have a good strategy base. The best way to get acquainted with the game is by playing Video Poker which is similar to poker but you don’t have to “compete” with other players. Another game which can help you practice is Caribbean Stud Poker. This is the game we want to focus on today.

Caribbean Stud Poker is an incredibly easy game to play and win at. As you may know, for any Stud Poker game you do not need to draw for new cards. You play according to the initial deal of cards. This is similar to Texas Hold’em in which you simply play and bet according to the cards dealt without being able to exchange or discard any card. The game begins by placing an Ante bet before any cards are dealt. The dealer deals 5 cards for himself and 5 cards for the player. The dealer’s cards are all face-down except one.

Here’s where you practice you poker skills. Your 5 cards need to be better than the dealer’s in order to win the game. For the game to continue you must place a second bet twice the amount of the ANTE Bet. If you feel your cards are not good enough, then fold you hand and play a new one. The Ante Bet is lost in this case.

Now if you have a good hand then place the second bet and you’ll go against the dealer’s hand. If you have a better hand than the dealer’s the Ante Bet pays 1:1 and the second Bet according to the Caribbean Stud Poker Pay Table if the dealer has at least an Ace and King:

Poker hand/Payout
Royal Flush/ 800:1
Straight Flush/ 200:1
Four of a Kind/ 25:1
Full House/10:1
Three of a Kind/3:1
Two Pair/2:1
High Card /1:1

When should you raise the bet? Very simple, we have a solid Caribbean Stud Poker strategy for you:

If you have at least a Pair in your hand, raise the bet.
If you have less than the dealer’s qualifying hand (Ace/King) fold the bet.
If you have Ace and King, raise the bet only if you have a Jack or Queen as your third highest card

This Caribbean Stud Strategy will make you fold many hands but that’s better than losing both the Ante and Second bet when having a bad hand. It is a proven technique to help you get the best results with the minimum risk for the player.

Log in now at Superior Casino and try to reach those top paying poker hands.

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Three Card Poker Rules and Strategy

September 16th, 2008

Three Card Poker Rules and Strategy
by Jean Real

This week Superior Casino treats its players with a guide and tips to one of the world’s favorite casino games: Three Card Poker. This game originated in the UK under the name of Brag, a three-card betting game that was played at a fast rate. The game evolved over the last three hundred years and when it was brought to the United States the British game was influenced by Poker, eventually creating a blend between both of them.

Three Card Poker is essentially two games in one, Pair-Plus and Ante. Some casinos oblige the player to make both bets but at Superior Casino it’s completely up to the player. Placing the bet only on the Pair-Plus will increase the speed of the game since you are simply betting on getting a Pair or better poker hand. If your hand does not have a pair, flush, straight, three-of-a-kind or straight flush, the bet is lost.

Pair-Plus bets will win according to this paytable:

Straight Flush
Three of a Kind

The Ante game consists of beating the dealer with a stronger three-card poker hand. The dealer is dealt three cards face-down. Players place an Ante bet to see their three cards. To play the game to its end the player must place a second Play bet for the same amount as the Ante bet. If the player feels his or her hand is not strong enough to beat the dealer’s, the player may fold and only the Ante bet is lost. Having a stronger poker hand will pay 1:1 for the Ante bet. The payout is the same for the Play bet, but applies only if the dealer has at least a Queen. If the dealer does not have a Queen kicker or a better hand, the Play bet is returned when the player wins.

Ante bets have an additional bonus payout for the following poker hands:

Straight Flush
Three of a Kind

There is no strategy for Three-Card Poker if only the Pair-Plus bet is placed. For the Ante bet, the strategy is extremely simple. Mathematical calculations have revealed that the player must only place the second Play bet if dealt at least a Queen, six and four (Q/6/4). Raising the bet on any hand over that, including a Q/7/3 (a 7 kicker is better than a 6), will increase the player’s chances of getting the best results at Three Card Poker.

Don’t waste another minute, log in now to apply your new ThreeCard Poker strategies and tips.

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Letting the fun ride

August 27th, 2008

Letting the fun ride
by Jean Real

Have you ever heard of a casino game that lets you take back your bet in the middle of a game? Yes, its bizarre but those are actually the rules for Let It Ride, a popular casino game that has spread through the world and can now be found in more than 200 casinos worldwide. The game was invented by a gaming corporation called Shuffle Master. Let It Ride or Letem Ride is a simple variation of Poker but playing it does not involve the complexity and skill that normal Poker involves.

To play Let It Ride you must know just a few things about Poker. First of all, you need to understand the paytable. Winning hands are paid in the following order:

Royal Flush 250:1
Straight Flush 50:1
Four of a Kind 25:1
Full House 12:1
Flush 10:1
Straight 8:1
Three of a Kind 3:1
Two Pair 2:1
Tens or Better 1:1

Playing the game is very simple. You place 3 different bets on the table and are dealt 3 cards face up and 2 cards face down. The goal of the game is to complete the strongest 5-card (Poker Hand). After getting your three cards face up you can decide to leave or remove the second bet before seeing the fourth card. Same happens when you want to see the fifth card, you may leave your third bet on the table or take it back. Leaving the bets on the table is what they call letting it ride but you should only do this if you have good chances of completing a paying hand.

Here are a few tips to help you get the best results when you play Let It Ride at Superior Casino.

You should leave the second bet if you have on the first 3 cards the following hands:

Pair of 10s or better
Any 3 suited cards in a row
3 cards to a straight flush with one 10 or better card
3 to a Royal Flush

Let the third bet ride if you have with four cards any of the following hands:

Pair of 10s or better
4 to complete a Royal Flush
4 to a regular flush
4 cards to an open-ended straight (i.e. 4,5,6,7 you can either get a 3 or an 8 to complete the straight)
Any four cards over 10

More tips and strategies to come in the future, only at Superior Casino.

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