Success While Playing Superior Casino Games: Not Just Luck and Skill

April 15th, 2013

There are many Superior Casino players out there who might think that winning is all about luck; however, this is not always the case. Of course our players need to have lady luck on their side, but they're going to need a little bit more if they want to be truly successful.

In addition, players also believe that being skillful at a certain game will determine the outcome of their gaming session. While it's true that players do need skill, this alone will not make players instant winners. As a matter of fact, success is determined by a mixture of luck, skill, emotion control and other factors that will place players in the position of becoming winners.

Emotions have a huge impact on the outcome of online gambling sessions. It's important for players to keep in mind that if they're going to really enjoy the online casino experience as a whole they need to look at this as a natural extension of their normal routine and lives and that this is a healthy source of entertainment and a great way to fill up the players' leisure time. Viewing online gambling as anything else will ultimately work in a negative way.

A great way to ensure a better end result is to try to place bets when your mind is clear and stress free. Bettors will have a much easier time making smart choices in regards to which games to play, how best to place their best, when to stop a session and so on if they have a clear head and the least amount of distractions possible. The true definition of a successful Superior Casino players is the one that knows when it's time to end a session and not have their emotions decide what's best for them.


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A Look Into Superior Casino Scatter Symbols

March 18th, 2013

Superior Casino slots are divided into different exciting and fun categories. In short, we have a game that's perfect for just about any player! And all of our games have a special little something that will help you build your bankroll quickly and efficiently. One of the highest paying features players will be able to find in the vast majority of our slots are the Scatter symbols. These icons can be highly rewarding and work as triggers for free spins, multiplier payouts and much more.

If you're looking for a 3 reel slot game that combines the theme of Spring, Easter and the traditional egg hunt then Eggstravaganza was created with you in mind. This game has only one payline but players can count on the Pink Scatter Bunny symbol that will trigger up to 10 free spins with a 3 x multiplier.

If you happen to be looking for a 5 reel video slot also with a Spring theme but this time more about the wonderful feeling of love then For Love or Money is just for you. This online casino game has a total of 15 paylines and great deal of winning features such as the Scatter Cupid icon. When players manage to land 3 or more of these anywhere on the reels they will be able to claim up to 10 free spins and the winnings will also be multiplied times 3.

Another great game with a very profitable Scatter symbol is the highly interactive Baby Boomers Cash Cruise. This i-slot is a very interesting option for those players looking for something a little different. Whenever players land three or more of the Scatter Ship icons they will have the chance to visit the “travel agency” and choose from either the Alaskan Adventure, Greek Getaway or Caribbean Carnival locations. Each casing in the Baby Boomers slot game has its own set of reels and special features.


Finally, if you are looking for a big bonus we recommend you try our explosive welcome bonus of the week: deposit $25 and play with a total of $130!


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Free Casino Tips: Improving your Luck at Superior Casino

March 11th, 2013

There's been a moment in every Superior Casino player's online gaming experience when things just don’t seem to go their way. You hit your favorite interactive slot's spin button over and over and nothing happens. You wait for the right cards to fall your way while playing blackjack but they just never do. And you even try your luck with one of our fun Scratch Card games but this isn't really your day.

If you seem to be having and odd day but would love to change things around there are in fact some things that can be done in order to improve your luck!

One of the first things you should definitely try to always keep in mind is that perhaps you've pushed your limit with a particular game. It may be wise for you to switch slot games if perhaps you've been trying to land a juicy prize for the last couple of hours with no luck. Superior Casino offer players hundreds of slot games to choose from in addition to our realistic and always exciting classic table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker and many others!

If you're still having issues improving your luck after a long session then it might be the right time to take a break. Remember that just like in brick and mortar casinos there are times when playing just doesn't sit right with that particular day and you decide to head home. When playing online casino games there might be times when it's right to take a break, step away from your computer and enjoy some fresh air which will give you a new perspective and hopefully have lady luck come your way sooner!

Playing Superior Casino games is all about having fun and enjoying yourself. There will be times when you might not win as much as you would hope but just like in live casinos, there will be other times when cashing out your winnings will feel like an every day experience!


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Auto Play feature in Slots

January 4th, 2012

The Auto Play feature is a wonderful extra that Superior Casino players can enjoy while playing slots. This feature lets players sit back and relax while they spin the reels without having to click on the Spin button after each one. Hence, players no longer needed to be sitting right in front of their computers and monitoring each and every step of the game, or rather, each spin of the game.

With the Auto Play play feature slot players can carry on with their other activities while the slot game plays out by itself. It's important for players to keep in mind that they must always have specific win/lose targets and once they have won or loss the targeted amount, it is suggested that they put an end to the game. In addition, players must take into consideration that the Auto Play feature can only be accessed in the Play for Real mode.



Pay-out rates for online slot machines for entire month at Superior Online Casino!

May 3rd, 2011

This is our monthly report of top paying slot machines and casino games. Superior Casino gladly shares the pay-out rates of games to players so they can verify how well (or badly) a game pays throughout a period of time. At our official blog you will be getting constant updates related to online casinos, new game releases, pay-back rates for games, general gambling news and much more.

For the period running from April 1st to May 3rd, these are the pay-back rates for the top paying games that consistently paid out, on average, over 100% of their wagers.

Online Casino Slot or Game: Pay out rate:
Penguin Payday  125.56%
So 80’s  120.77%
French Cuisine  113.16%
Money Magic  110.47%
Gunslingers Gold  109.72%
Secret Garden  107.84%
Craps  105.85%
Goldenman  105.70%
Red Dog  105.68%
Psychedelic Sixties  105.08%
Scary Rich 2  105.04%
Wacky Wedding  103.97%
Dog Pound  103.83%
Beretta’s Vendetta  101.47%
Aces and Faces  101.28%
Fantastic Fruit  100.43%
Dr. Magoo  100.26%
Rock On  100.17%

Remember, what this means is that they paid out at this rate (percentage) overall, when you take the sum of wagers (bets) on each game. So if Penguin Payday has a pay-out percetange of 125.56, that means that if this game received a total of $10,000 wagers, it paid out $12,556 back to players randomly. Note here that the pay outs are random. It does not mean that for every $1 bet on this game, there was a payout of $1.25. Some players may have seen losses while playing this and others may have seen huge winnings. The randomness of the game prevents even the casino operator of knowing who will get the big rewards. It’s just a matter of playing the right casino game at the right time.

We invite you to play So 80’s the second highest pay-back rate for the period. This is classic retro-looking slot machine for those of you that remember the 80’s with nostalgia.


Simply complete a total of 80 real money spins on this game this week. If you complete the spins in real money mode then you’ll get a free token for $25, just like that! The token will be awarded next Monday May 9th.

Stay tune for more updates at our official online casino blog!

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