September 2012 Games Payouts revealed at Superior Casino!

October 2nd, 2012

Superior News

Impressive September report shows how over 10 games paid out over 100% of the bets received. This allowed over $35,000 to be paid out to players! The top games are:

Game / payout rate

As the Reels Turn: Episode 3 134.51%
Roll Out the Barrels 134.42%
Reel Party 129.39%
Penguin Payday 120.62%
One Million Reels BC 116.61%
Dog Pound 111.38%
Flying Colors 111.14%
Scary Rich 109.07%
Fixer Upper 107.58%
Milk the Cash Cow 106.75%
Wild Safari 106.71%
Future Fortunes 106.53%

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Superior Casino's payout rates soar for September 2011!

September 13th, 2011

It’s time again to reveal the hottest games of the month. Now just 13 days into September we present a wide collection of online slot machines and casino table games that are paying above 100%, meaning that we’re actually losing money on these games and players are taking in profit!

Every month Superior Casino has a collection of loose games that gives this opportunity to players. Any percentage over 100% means that those extra points over 100 are profits going to player relative to how many wagers have been placed on that particular game for the reported time frame. Given that Superior Casino has thousands of players around the world playing daily, a 1% could represent as much as $10,000 in any one game.

Look at all these loose casino games this week:

Superior Casino Game: Sept Payout:
Hobo's Hoard  136.10%
Bust-A-Vault  111.42%
Cleopatra's Coins  111.25%
Ocean Treasure  106.92%
As the Reels Turn: Episode 1 105.35%
Five Card Poker  105.08%
Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise   105.02%
War  104.60%
Strike Gold  104.07%
Gold Rush  103.20%
Funky Chicken  103.01%
Best of Luck  102.60%
Baccarat  102.37%
McMurphy  102.37%
Spy Game  101.37%
Doubleup  100.74%
Roll Out the Barrels  100.70%

Play any of these games instantly from your browser, click the Instant Casino Play Button above.

This is a combination of both 3-reel slots, video slots, 3D online slots and table games. All games provide a fair chance of winnings at Superior Casino. Don’t miss our spectacular games this month!

New player this week can receive a 777% Bonus on their first deposit.

Active players get a reload of 177% for their first deposit this week.


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Online casino games pay-out or pay-back rates explained

July 12th, 2011

It is time to go into our pay-out rates once again. Lately a lot of our customers have been wondering why they get less than the advertised payout rates of our casino (95%). Some players often contact us and say that they got way less than that and that the games are unfair. This is not accurate when you see the big picture. The reason some players received less than 95% in payouts is because others have received more than that average. Some players win and other players lose. In the long run the payout rates will also tend to fall within 4 to 5 points from the average rate. That means that after a couple months of playing it may be normal to have 91% or 100% payback rates. The latter one obviously implying that the player has taken profit, especially if he or she has been playing with a bonus. That way you have your original balance intact and that includes the extra from the casino bonuses.

This month we have seen many winners and it’s no surprise when we have a look at the payout rate reports. As usual, we are not shy of reporting our payout rates. So, today we will post here once again the payout rates for the top games in the month of July 2011 (this is the average payout rate for the last 12 days).

Of course, in such a short time payout rates fluctuate significantly but this only shows that if you have luck by your side you may take a big profit. Remember our motto, it’s all about playing the right game at the right time.

Without further ado here is the pay-out rates for Superior Casino in the month of July:

Online Casino Game Name: Pay-out Rate:
Atomic Age 138.74%
Rock On 117.48%
Strike Gold 116.76%
Money Magic 111.16%
Goldenman 107.27%
Shamrock Isle 107.25%
Bust-A-Vault 106.04%
Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise 105.88%
Beretta’s Vendetta 105.14%
A Day at the Derby 104.38%
Craps 104.21%
Baccarat 103.97%
Ocean Treasure 103.73%
Scary Rich 2 101.44%
Winter Wonders 101.30%
Chicken Little 100.81%
Dr. Magoo 100.01%

We invite you to participate in our online casino contest below.

We are very proud of our game Rock On. This is one of our most successful fruit machines of all time. Thanks to its interactive bonus round where you get to play a virtual guitar and win hundreds of coins, thousands of players return to this game every week.


As we can see, this game is one of the top games of the month and we invite you all to play this game to get a chance to win.

Regardless if you win or not, we will give you a free chip next Monday July 18th if you are able to complete 100 real-money spins this week, before Sunday July 17th.

You will receive on Monday a free chip of: $22 (available in UK pounds, Euro and – South African Rand x 10).

We hope you have a great time with us this week and much good luck!

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We reveal the real pay-out rates for online slot machines – seriously!

April 5th, 2011

When we publish pay-out rates at our blog, we do so to in order to show proof that some of our players are winning. We believe that an online gaming center has to be as fair as possible, giving a genuine chance at winning to its players.

What we will show today below is an enhanced report of our pay-out rates. Instead of just showing which games have paid over 100%, we will show those that have paid over 100% AND left at least $500 in profits in players’ hands. Especially since these payout rates represent a short period of time (5 days in April), a game that is over 100% does not necessarily mean it has paid out a lot of profit if the game has been played for small amounts. To make it clear, if a game has 110% because it has received $100 in wagers and paid out $110, that does not make it a desirable pay-out rate, it may change soon and it was for a meager amount. On the other hand, if a game has a payout of 110% and received $5,000 in wagers so far, that leaves a profit of $500 in players’ pockets.

With that said, let’s have a look at the pay-back rates for April 2011 so far. All of the following have a MINIMUM player profit of $500. Some go higher into the thousands of dollars.

Online Casino Slot: April 2011 Pay-out rate so far:
Scary Rich 2  136.70%
Fantastic Fruit  122.64%
Cosmic Quest Episode One  117.07%
As The Reels Turn 3   112.91%
Opera Night  109.23%
Ocean Treasure  106.61%
Beretta’s Vendetta  105.93%
McMurphy  105.35%
Gushers Gold  104.91%



We have a very high pay-out rate for Scary Rich 2 which as many of you know is a High-Risk or High Variance Slot. What this means is that, high jackpots don’t come often as you play. You have to spin the reels plenty of times before you see any substantial win. But when it does come, you can make a fortune on High Variance slots. They are called high risk because there is a higher risk involved while playing. You may lose a lot of your balance before seeing any significant jackpot.

On the other hand we have Low-Risk or Low Variance slots such as Fantastic Fruit. Here you will see jackpots often rather than stretch out in long intervals. You may not earn a super high jackpot but you will see longer play and perhaps modest wins. Of course, this does not mean you can never win big on a Low-Risk slot. If you come to play a low-variance slot when it’s about to pay one of its big jackpots, you will win an amount way superior to your bets so far in the game.

Remember the motto of casino playing: it’s about playing the right slot at the right time.

This week it’s time for you to play our top game of the month so far: Scary Rich 2

You’ll need a lot of spins to see a good jackpot so we’ll encourage you to do so. Play at least 150 real money spins on Scary Rich 2 this week. Then you will receive on Monday April 11th:

Free $22 Casino Token!

All you have to do is complete the real money spins on Scary Rich 2 and this token is yours!

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Wonder slot machines – guaranteed loose pay-out slots.

December 14th, 2010

If you are wondering where to play this holiday season then you should read this. It has been an extremely pleasant surprise to those players that are already playing at

While playing online slots, video poker, table games such as Pag Gow Poker or Craps; these players have been able to reap winnings of shocking proportion.

There was no premeditated action by Superior Casino management to raise the payout percentages of the games. The games by their own accord have paid consistently for the month of December at over 96% for the entire casino. It is a jolly season for players as they are getting their holiday gifts a few weeks before the festivities.

The following chart displays the online casino games with over 100% Payout: (click on the games to play them for free, as no download slots)

Game Name:


Dog Pound


Atomic Age


A Switch In Time


Rock On


Pigskin Payout


Bowled Over


One Million Reels BC


Cosmic Quest Episode One


Secret Garden


Reel Crime 2: Art Heist 


Metal Detector


Gold Rush


Hobo's Hoard


Aces and Faces


As the Reels Turn 1 


Pai Gow


So 80's




It is important that you play them while they are hot!

Furthermore, Superior Casino is about to release two new video-slot games next week. Here is a teaser preview of both games, Japan-o-Rama and Reel Party Platinum.

Japan-o-Rama video slot (teaser image):

Reel Party Platinum video slot (teaser also):


Casino Game Contest::: Play to win FREE $13 TOKEN!

Now that the heat is on at Superior Casino, we invite all players to participate in this week’s game contest. One of the top 3 games in the above list (Dog Pound, Atomic Age, A Switch In Time) will be the lucky trigger for the Free $13 Bonus.

This is how it works. During this week, complete at least 25 real money spins on the secretly chosen trigger game of those three. If you complete the 25 wagers on the lucky game we have already secretly selected, on Monday December 20th you will find Free $13 Casino Chip in your cashier. Just like that!
Come back next week as we release the official reviews of video slots Japan-o-Rama and Reel Party Platinum slot!


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