Superior Casino and Interactive Bonus Round Feature

July 16th, 2015

As technology has moved forward, so has Superior Casino in its offering of the best online fruit machine games. And with this progress there have been many new and exciting added features to our already fantastic slots selection. Undoubtedly, one of the most popular features that we have introduced, and continue to do so, are the skill-based interactive bonus round games.


These bonus round games are presented on a second screen and require for you to land three or more of the bonus round symbols anywhere on the reels. While you may be more used to the non-skill based bonus games, where you simply need to pick an item to reveal your prize, interactive bonus round games require for you to pay extra attention since your decisions will have an effect on the outcome of the game.

One example great example of an interactive, skill-based bonus round feature comes from one of our favorite fruit machine games: Reel Crime Art Heist. This special game actually has 5 bonus rounds and each of these offers different game play.

As you progress through the game, you’ll be presented with different challenges you have to complete and if you aren’t able to complete a challenge, you’ll need to start the bonus game all over again!

With the passing of time, Superior Casino players can expect many more fruit machine games with skill-based, interactive bonus round features that will not only bring you tons of entertainment, but many winnings too!

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How to Choose the Perfect Superior Casino Online Fruit Machine

May 7th, 2015

As you certainly already know by now, Superior Casino is your number one destination for the widest selection of online casino games. And when it comes to online fruit machine games, the selection is a rather impressive one with games catering to the needs and taste of all of our different types of players.

That being said, at some point in time each and every one of our bettors has spent quite some time trying to pick just the perfect free fruit machine that fits their personality and budget. While you can select the game at random and try your luck there, there’s no harm in learning how to choose the perfect no-download casino game for you.

• You first want to look at the theme of the game and if this is something that appeals to you. Remember that you’re looking to be entertained and the main goal here is to have fun (while collecting huge winnings along the way!). You will quickly get an idea on how the theme of a particular online fruit machine game will simply from the title; however, in order for you to live the full-on experience of this game you want to dive into playing a few spins here and there that you can actually try for free in the play mode of the games.

• Once you’ve chosen a few games that have grabbed your attention based on graphics and theme, you want to consider the second most important aspect: the possible jackpot amount you can win. If you value the opportunity to win and win bin while playing Superior Casino fruit machine games, then you want to take a look at games that will pay you top prizes.

Feel free to take a closer look at our progressive jackpot games and the amount of coins that you could be collecting next.

Note that you can play most of our games on your mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets!

online fruit machines mobile

Next week we’ll be discussing more ways on choosing the perfect free Superior Casino game for you!

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Free Online Fruit Machine Tournament Bankroll Management

April 23rd, 2015

We’re sure that you love to visit Superior Casino to indulge in some free fruit machine games sessions. For many players, there’s nothing that compares with the thrills that come from hitting the spin button and landing a huge juicy jackpot prize. But the time might come when you also fall in love with free online fruit machine tournaments!

Gold slot fruit machine with 777 and cherries winning

And few things are as frustrating as finding out that you have this brand new love but to quickly burn through your bankroll and not be able to play for much longer. However, as you’ve successfully mastered the fine art of bankroll management in the past when playing your favorite Superior Casino no registration casino games, you can also avoid the temptation of going beyond your budget when playing fruit machine tournaments.

A great place to start creating a healthy fruit machine tournament bankroll strategy includes taking a closer look at the exact amount you can afford to lose and then breaking this down into tournament buy-in units. By doing this – except of course when you’re playing free events – you’ll be able to extend your bankroll and get more opportunities to play.

Set a limit to the amount of online fruit machine tournaments you’ll be playing per day. Reduce the temptation of playing a heap load of events per day by setting a limit and successfully avoiding over-extending your bankroll.

Remember that being able to manage your bankroll in a lucrative manner, whatever Superior Casino game or event you choose to play will ultimately increase your chances of enjoying yourself and maximizing your online casino experience.

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Free Online Fruit Machine Tournaments at Superior Casino

March 19th, 2015

When you play popular casino card games, such as blackjack or poker tournaments, you get used to playing with skill and strategy. When it comes to online fruit machine tournaments, things get a little different. If you decide to play one of these events at Superior Casino, we’d like to make a few suggestions before you begin hitting the spin button.

collect winnings

1. Stay Focused

Many players like to stare at the scoreboard whenever they hit a big payout. And while collecting a large prize is a huge part of the charm of free fruit machine tournaments, you still want to keep your concentration while the event is going on. Remember that ranking on top is important, but it’s even more important to keep the action going.

2. You’re the Only Player That Counts

In strong relation with the past point, when you play free online machine tournaments at Superior Casino, you want to keep your focus on your own game and not on how well or bad your opponents are doing. Keep in mind that there’s really nothing that can be done to influence the scoreboard other than keeping your eyes on your own game and hitting the spin button.

3. Start Your Session Fresh

Playing an online fruit machine tournament with fresh eyes and spirit will always work in your favor. Try to begin your lucky session after a few hours of rest. Being well prepared and rested is what will ultimately make the difference between a great session and hurting your bankroll.

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Superior Casino Online Fruit Machine Thanksgiving Fun

November 27th, 2014

The holiday season has made it to Superior Casino and with it our players receive the best bonuses, promotions and chances of winning big while paying some of the most interesting free fruit machine games in the industry.


Live your Thanksgiving festivities to the max by playing our holiday-themed Gobbler’s Gold fruit machine game. With symbols such as a Turkey, the Mayflower Ship, a Pilgrim Man, a Pilgrim Lady, the Cornucopia, a Pumpkin Pie and other full harvest images, you’ll truly get into the Turkey day mode in no time. Play for as 0.01 and up to 10 cents for your chance of collecting up to
30,000 coins jackpot prize this Thanksgiving.

Remember new Superior Casino players get to try their luck with free fruit machines, Blackjack and Poker games without even having to register an account. Simply visit and once you’re ready to open your account you’ll receive an exclusive $20/ €15/ 10 GBP welcome bonus.

In addition, Superior Casino players on the go can try their luck with some of our most popular fruit machine titles and casino games simply by visiting our mobile online casino page from their favorite iOS, Android or Tablet device!

Best of luck at the Superior Casino games this festive season!

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