Most Common Online Slots Myths

October 14th, 2012

Superior Casino has one of the strongest selections of online slots in the industry. Players can take their pick from a dozen of 3 reel slot games, over 50 video slot games with all the best extras like wild symbols, free spins and more and a superb offering of Rival Gaming's over-the-top interactive slots. The choices are many if you want to win while playing Superior Casino slots but the very first thing you need to do is get rid of old myths that may be in your head.


One of the most common myths that have to do with slot machines in the online casino world as well as in live casinos is that these machines can go cold after a big win. This is certainly not true because of the fact that all reputable casinos make us of a random number generator in the machines' software to determine completely random spins every single time.

Another popular myth is that online slot machines are due to pay out a huge jackpot. Just because a machine hasn't paid out a jackpot in a long time it doesn't mean that in the next few spins a jackpot will be landed.

Winning at slots in Superior Casino is not about waiting for specific situations to occur in order for the machine to pay out but rather it's all about building a smart bankroll and having a blast!


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What are wagering requirements on an online casino bonus?

June 7th, 2011

Sometimes we get new players that have no clue what wagering requirements are. They get all excited when they hear we have good promotions but then become offended when we tell them that there’s a condition that prevents them from withdrawing the money after a few lucky spins.


Wagering requirements are necessary to prevent fraud. Any online casino is pouring out hundreds of thousands of euros a month in promotion money. This actually costs the casino quite a bit because the money is played and sometimes lost in the games, affecting the payout rates. As we’ve explained before, the casino makes a small percentage of every bet in the long run. But when half of this money comes from promotions, then the online casino only sees a fraction of that small percentage.

Wagering requirements are then the amount of money you must risk or wager on the appointed games prior to requesting a cash out. It is quite simple. Imagine receiving a 100% bonus on a $100 deposit. That will give you $100 in bonus money for a total balance of $200. The wagering requirements, also known as the playthrough, will be given as a number such as: 20x. This means that the total amount of $200 must be multiplied by 20 for a total of $4000. The wagering requirement then is to wager $4000 on the allowed games prior to a cash out. A wager is simply the amount of money you bet on each spin, when you play a fruit machine for example. So if you are betting $1 a spin, you will need 4000 spins to complete or fulfill the wagering requirement.

We understand the wagering requirements may be intimidating to some players. That’s why we try to keep them in reasonable terms. Some weeks, like the current one, we reduce our wagering requirements on all bonuses by at least 20%.  For example, we have a 144% Weekly match this week for active players. Normally a bonus like this would carry 24x wagering requirement, but this week it has only 18x. Plus, it does not carry any maximum withdrawal limit. Whatever the player wins can be cashed out.

At Superior Casino you can always count on dependable casino bonuses. Low wagering casino bonuses are player’s best friends, so we make sure to have plenty for you.

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Are online casino slots better than land-based casino slots?

March 1st, 2011

There is no secret that land-based casinos where horrified when they first heard that a casino appeared on the web. They were certain of the impending fate: fierce competition. Their absolute monopoly on casino games and betting was now challenged by this newcomer, the online casino. Many of the big corporations saw their enterprise under threat, unable to compete with the vantage point of online casinos, providing their services round the clock from any computer that had an internet connection. Players can access an online Blackjack table, for example, without the need of putting on clothes nor looking for a free table.


Luckily for brick and mortar casinos this was not their dramatic end. Players still enjoy traveling to their nearest casino/holiday destination, eating out, staying at a nice hotel and gambling on evenings on the ground floor.

However, it is still an ongoing competition. Land casinos want to attract a wider audience and regain those that they lost to online gaming. So, both online casino and land casinos operate with different strategies to make their companies most luring to players.

This article is meant to show the strategies and ways casinos operate in order to attract players. This is beneficial to you as a player, as you can take advantages of these incentives offered to you.

Land casinos used to have very low pay-out rates for their slot machines. In a report for Las Vegas casinos had slot machines with an average set payout rate of only 92%. Online casinos, such as Superior Casino, have their slots with a pay-back rate of no less than 94%. Some online slots at Superior Casino provide up to 97% pay-back rates. Land casinos soon realized that they had to compete with this and recently some land casinos have raised their slots payouts considerably. Some report to have up to 98%.

In response to this online casinos continue to offer great incentives for players. They provide big bonuses for every deposit. At land casinos players can only gamble with their own money. Every now and then they get vouchers but they do not get a “bonus” for every bill they change at the cashier for coins. On the other hand, online casinos provide players with a bonus and on top of that give them cashbacks, weekly tokens and free spins. There is a slight advantage here as to what online casino can offer.

The reason online casinos can offer more to players is because they have lower running costs. A land casino must pay for its employees, 24/7 dealers, maintenance, cooks, waitresses, cashier people and so on. They must also serve drinks and food which is an added cost to their company. Online casinos operate online and that greatly diminishes the operation costs. For this reason they can offer more perks to players.

Don’t get us wrong, bonuses do cost online casinos a lot. Remember that an online casino makes only a certain percentage of all the bets, somewhere around 2-3%. When half of these bets are bonus money, the actual income of the casino is reduced to a humble 1% of all bets.

Now that you’ve had a little perspective on how slot machines different between online casinos and land caisnos, we invite you to play one of the all-time favorites slot machines (available in land casinos and now online casinos, particularly here at Superior Casino).

Play the famous 7’s and Bars slot and win a free: 13 Casino Chip Token!


To win this token simply play this game this week during your normal visit. If you complete 50 real money spins on this slot before the end of the current week, expect to receive the extra-chance Free $13 Token on Monday March 7th.

This is another incentive for players that visit our online casino. We wish you all the best of luck as always.

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High Payout Rates Online Slot Games REVEALED!

February 23rd, 2010

Online casinos are based on the payout rates of their games. Players must remember that casinos only make a small percentage of all the bets placed by the players. Normally, a standard casino will have their slot machines with a medium payout rate between 93% and 95%. This is the average for most online casinos, at least those that are fair and trustworthy. Superior Casino had configured their games from the very start to pay out around the 95% mark. However, in the month of February the games have had a will of their own and average up, till today, a total of 96.51% in their total payout rate!

Can you imagine what 1.51% is of millions of bets this month? It represents a much higher amount of profits going to the players.

Here’s a list of the top-paying games with over 98% payout rates from February 1st to February 23rd:

We invite all our players to come and join the party that has taken place this month at Superior Casino!

Here’s an easy way for you to Win FREE $12 this week!

Come play the top paying game of the month, the unbelievable video slot: So 80’s


A blast from the past, love by many that grew up in the 80’s. This video slot is complete with set of Free Spins and Wild Icons with a 3x multiplier.

To earn your $12 Free Casino Bonus, simply wager at least $10 this week on So 80’s.

If you have completed the $10 wagers before Sunday Feb. 28th, you will receive on Monday March 1st a $12 FREE TOKEN at the cashier. Available only to players that have deposited at least once at the casino. Bonus restricted countries and players don’t apply.

Sounds like a cool party to us!


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We want to thank all of our current players for making us a leading USA online casino. Good luck this week!

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