Advantages of Superior Casino vs. Land Based Casinos

January 2nd, 2014

Playing casino games can be split in two ways: enjoying your Superior Casino games and paying your favorite land based casino a visit. However, even while both experiences have special individual characteristics, the online casino experience is by far the most satisfactory one. Why? Well, there are a vast number of reasons that support this statement.


• Superior Casino gaming instantly eliminates the traveling involved with land based casinos. This is of course one of the most important aspects since many players are unable to afford the expenses that come from visiting a brick and mortar casino. When playing online, all you really need is a computer, a reliable internet connection and your own free time.

• Superior Casino is a trust-worthy establishment and you will always get paid on time. When you experience our online casino you experience a truly top notch service. When you want to collect your winnings you’ll enjoy a fast and secure payout whenever you feel like it.

• Superior Casino offers you one of the best bonuses and promotions area in the industry. Take advantage of many special rewards that we have to offer that you will simply not have while playing in a land based casino. Visit our promotions page for further information of what we have to offer

• Superior Casino has one of the best games selections you will ever lay eyes on. This is specially true when you compare it with the selection at land based casinos. Pick from over hundreds of fruit machine games, tables games, specialty gams and much more. You can play in free mode for as long as you want to and when you’re ready to go for the big winnings you can switch to real money!

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Superior Casino Bankroll Management

December 10th, 2013


While it’s likely that you’ve played your favorite games for a long time – or perhaps even your entire adult life – in a land-based casino, it’s also very likely that if you’re reading this you’ve made the smart choice by switching to Superior Casino and trying your luck here. Granted, you might still enjoy the occasional brick and mortar visit, but you’re bound to stay with us for a very long time to come! Not only do we offer our players some of the best online fruit machine games plus other popular table games and more, but playing online also gives you the opportunity to benefit from the many differences that come with online bankroll management.

Bankroll management is considered an important topic in both land-based as well as online casino games. Of course, the more experienced players know that they are bound to find the same games in both arenas, however they have to make a few distinctions between the real and virtual casino world if they want to be more successful at managing their winnings.

Successfully managing Superior Casino casino winnings while playing our fabulous online fruit machines is easier since you can bet as little as £0.01 per spin. In addition, when playing online you can focus solely on your betting while playing in a land-based casino offers other temptations such as shows, food, shops and more. During your virtual experience all you really need to focus on is hitting than spin button, asking for more card, rolling the dice and so on!

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Habits of Successful Superior Casino Players

November 18th, 2013

It’s fair to say that not all Superior Casino Players are the same. However, what we consider to be truly successful players all share a few, simple traits. These players all have in common one very important characteristic and that is that they want to win.

Even while not all of our successful players are the same in ‘real life’ and surely differ greatly when it comes to their lifestyle, they all aim to follow and adopt several habits that have taken them to the top.

Many of Superior Casino’s players who win on a regular basis are those that have taken their time to study and learn a strategy. It doesn’t really matter if you’re a fan of blackjack, roulette or online fruit machine games; you need to pay special attention to learning various gaming tips and basic strategy steps. There’s a lot that can change when players apply simple techniques to their gaming sessions which is why undoubtedly they want to be conscious of their strategy.

Just because players have read and learnt all they can about the game they have chosen, things won’t get immediately easier and winning won’t start happening overnight. Players need to stay focused and avoid making simple mistakes since there are many Superior Casino games that will surely have players winning but it will be over a prolonged time period. Staying focused is what ultimately pay out!

Moreover, players want to keep a positive state of mind. Many times when playing virtual casino games things can go wrong or a rough patch may hit. Our most successful players have the ability to stay in control and keep their cool when the cards , reels or dice aren’t going in their favor. Sit back, relax and keep playing intelligently because you’re bound to end you session a lot richer that what you started with!

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How to Improve Your Superior Casino Results

September 23rd, 2013

There are different types of Superior Casino players that range from some of the most experienced and successful ones to players that have little to no experience. When the latter converse with the more professional or experienced players these will learn that success did not happen overnight.

Each and every successful player first started at the bottom and from that day on these players worked hard towards improving their skills and strategies in order to obtain the best possible results. In the beginning these players were regular inexperienced players just like you but they kept learning as much as they could until the moment they reached a professional status. Playing online casino games at a professional level is without a doubt a great deal of fun and brings players many benefits including great financial rewards.

There is no Superior Casino successful player that at one point or another didn’t take advice from another player on how to play the games. For instance, players who have developed a successful Blackjack strategy or who have managed to build themselves a healthy bankroll would tell you that they grabbed bits and pieces of valuable information from other triumphant players.

Remember that everyone has to start somewhere. If you decide to try your luck with one of our fabulous interactive fruit machine games such as Japan-O-Rama or A Switch in Time you're probably want to start betting low amounts at first and make your way to a comfortable amount that will give you back more winnings. Regardless of the game you choose players need to learn all they can about the rules and conditions and gather all the information you can in order to have the very best online casino experience.


There's a very good chance you can play longer with this week's welcome bonus: 750% Match on your first deposit!


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How to Make a Living Out of Online Casino Gambling

August 19th, 2013

Granted, there are many different ways to make a successful living. However, many don’t consider online casino gambling as a possible source of bringing money to the table. Being able to successfully make a living from playing online casino games such as fruit machines, poker, blackjack, craps, bingo and more is quite a possibility. Many bettors from many different places in the world take online casino gambling as a serious practice and actually consider it more work than leisure. If you truly want to stay in the online casino game and come out as a winner the vast majority of times, then we suggest that you seriously start to look at this as a means to get you to a different place economically speaking.


First off, players must always take advantage of the very profitable online casino free bonuses that are given by most online casinos out there. Players can search for those casinos that offer the so-called “no deposit bonuses”. This way players will get to try out different online casino platforms and see what works best for them in regards to software, games, banking options, loyalty program and so on. Players are advised to try out those online casinos that offer exciting welcome bonuses in the range of $10 and up. Anything less than that will not work out in the favor of players looking to build a bankroll.

Once players have downloaded their casino of choice and signed up for a real cash account they will need to possibly send an email or contact a customer support representative via live chat. Players must ask for their deposit and this will be credited in no time. Needless to say there are different terms and conditions associated with these welcome bonuses that need to be met before being able to withdraw any money that comes from the use of this specific bonus. However, the most important idea here is to practice with real money which is given by the casino and not the players real cash.

When players have some cash of their own that didn’t really come from their own pocket, they can begin to build up on the idea of making a living from playing online casino games. Just like a regular job, being able to produce some money while online gambling takes some time, patience and effort. Players must first off keep in mind that they shouldn’t be spending too much time playing. Just like with any other job you don’t want to spend your entire day and night in front of the computer. When players spend too much time on online casinos (or live casinos too) they will quickly feel the sensation of burning out. Try to spend just a few minutes and up to an hour playing at first and develop your own strategy while you're at it.

Remember to keep it humble. Getting greedy while playing online casino games, especially when you're on a hot winning streak, can and most certainly will lead players to disaster. Keep in cool, have fun and remained focus if you really want to make your living from this wonderful world of online gambling.


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