The truth about online Keno strategies and techniques

January 18th, 2011

Online casino players are always looking for an easy and basic strategy for games like Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps and so forth. The truth is that strategies and techniques for these games often do work as there is a high element of skill involved when you play. Your decisions affect the outcome and odds of the games.

On the other side of the spectrum there are casino games that depend less on the player choices and more on pure luck. Examples of these are some slot machines (not interactive and video slots, as the bonus rounds at Superior Casino do have an element of skill involved) and online scratch card games. With these kinds of games there is little you can do or apply, since the outcome will be determined beforehand by the Random Number Generator. Your only task is to play the right game at the right time.


How about online Keno games, is there a basic strategy for this game and its variants like Vegas Jackpot Keno?

The clear answer is: NO – a winning technique for KENO does not exist.

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We should know, we run an online casino. Contrary to many reports and websites that claim there is an effective technique for Keno, we can assure you that there isn’t. The numbers that are chosen are governed by chance alone and all numbers have equal probability of being hit ever new turn.

There are a few myths out there. There are illusory and misleading techniques that will not help you to win at KENO. The following strategies should be disregarded if you read them somewhere else:

Playing numbers that aren’t coming up. If you play a few rounds of Keno and notice that some of the numbers are not coming up, there is no certainty by placing bets on them on subsequent turns that they will come up.

Playing numbers that are coming up. Likewise, if you play the same numbers that have come up in recent turns, there is no guarantee that they will come up again.

Playing successive numbers, such as 20 and 21 or 33 and 34. Such strategies are doomed because we have noted above that every number has equal chance of being hit.

Perhaps the above strategies are not, literally, destined to fail. They will have equal chance of winning just as if you have use no technique at all. The secret ingredient to win is luck alone and if you have it the day you play you will win.

We invite everyone to enjoy and play online Keno games at Superior Casino. We provide reliable facts about our games so you go into them with an undeceived vision of what to expect. All that you need is good luck and when you do hit big, you are at the right place for Superior Casino is eager to pay you your winnings.

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