COSMIC QUEST a new era begins at Superior Casino!

June 16th, 2008

COSMIC QUEST a new era begins at Superior Casino!
By Jean Real

Hold on to your rocket ship, another breakthrough in Slot gaming is here!

Superior Casino takes yet another revolutionary step with their I-Slots series. Cosmic Quest leaps forward, redefining the concept of slot machines.

Combining 5 colorful reels with 20 paylines, Cosmic Quest will provide hours of fun as money literally falls from heaven! Laser Guns, Space Men, Radio Antennas, Satellites, Rocket Rides icons will deliver up to 5000 coins if you hit 5 per payline.

But we’re not at full-throttle yet:

3 space monkeys activate the 10 free-spins mode and Rocket Rides icons will multiply winning lines by 3x! Your winnings will be out-of-this-world every time you see that Rocket take off from the reels.

Cosmic Quest is not just another passive click-of-the-button slot machine, the bonus round will test your Star Wars skills as you cruise through an asteroid belt blasting extraterrestrial rocks. Three voluptuous female astronauts trigger the Cosmic Quest Episode. Use your keyboard arrows to navigate through outer space and fire with the space bar at the incoming asteroids. Earn up to 800 coins PER ASTEROID DESTROYED!!

Let’s be serious, you’ve never seen anything like this on Earth! Log in to Superior Casino and Blast away!

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April 30th, 2008

By Charles Jay

Over the years, slot machines have come to be known as a universal symbol for gambling; Most members of the general public only have to take one look at the machine itself and they will invariably identify it with the pastime. Indeed, the “one-armed bandit” has become a part of Americana.

The machine, of course, represents a game that is not only one of the most popular with players but has also become a cultural phenomenon.

So how did the slot machine get its start?

You’d have to go back all the way to the 19th Century.

A company called Sittman and Pitt – located in Brooklyn, New York – developed a machine in 1891, containing five “drums” with fifty card faces. In a way, you could equate it with a five-card stud game, where ultimately the best poker hand won.

The new machines met with tremendous popularity in hospitality establishments around New York City, and prizes were given out to winners by the bar and restaurant owners themselves because no money was paid directly out of the machine. Although it laid the groundwork for the development of the slot machine, it really was more like the predecessor of the video poker machine.

The slot machine, in the general way we are familiar with it, had its origin in the city of San Francisco, courtesy of Charles Fey, a mechanic who developed it in his humble shop. The San Francisco Chronicle documented a demonstration Fey made for this new machine in 1887, but exact reports are a little sketchy.

He used the term “slot machine” to describe the device, a designation which confused some people, since that was also the word used for a vending machine – the type that dispensed cigarettes, for example. It wasn’t long, however, before there was no mistaking it at all.

Fey was the inventor of the original three-reel slot machine. Those reels had ten different symbols on them – spades, diamonds and hearts were derived from card decks; there were also horseshoes and bells. And on each of the reels there appeared a cracked Liberty Bell symbol. because this was so identifiable, the machine came to be known as the “Liberty Bell machine.”

It process was familiar – the player put a coin into it, pulled a handle, and the reels started to move. They would stop automatically, and would pay off three in a row on the center line. The big payoff was achieved when three Liberty Bells in a row were realized, at which point the player got 50 cents for the effort.

Of course, it’s a little different today, with multiple paylines and the evolution of different symbols and icons and – with the I-Slots that have become a staple at Superior Casino – characters and storylines. But it all had to begin somewhere.

We’ll have more information on the history of slots as we progress. For now, log on to Superior Casinoand enjoy the great casino game in its state of the art!

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New Game: As The Reels Turn 3

April 1st, 2008

The newest addition to the acclaimed iSlot soap opera As The Reels Turn has arrived at Superior Casino.

Episode three comes with all your favorite characters, and some new faces, from Casino El Paradiso. Join Matt as he goes along his casino-life endeavors with the Don; or take your time to help Danny impress Jamie – El Paradiso’s fortune lays in your hands now!

As you go on with the story you’ll be presented with many new and exciting features including: Danny Costumes Bonus Rounds and the Pampers icon on your free spins that will expand throughout the reels for even more chances of winning big!

Don’t let anyone else take your jackpots from As the Reels Turn 3 – be the first to solve this episode and find up to 18,000 coins in bonus rounds!

Join the crew of Casino El Paradiso, log in today and check the luxurious experience of the best online casino, Superior Casino!

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Understanding the Games. Part one: RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR

March 19th, 2008

Understanding the Games. Part one: RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR
By Charles Jay

In this particular piece we’ll look at a few things you often hear about, but may not understand (don’t be offended if you already do). And you’ll see reference to each of these things on the brand-new, re-designed Superior Casino website.

Okay, let’s tackle them one-by-one:


The presence of microprocessors in slot machines brought about something called a Random Number Generator (RNG), through which the odds could be customized from machine to machine. The RNG cycles through thousands and thousands of combinations of numbers and settles on outcomes randomly. The reels on the slot machine are programmed to stop at whatever combination the RNG happens to pick at that time.

The RNG enables “virtual” reels as opposed to actual reels. These reels have more virtual “symbols” on them. That adds up to many more combinations and a much, much greater jackpot possibility for the player. That’s a good thing.

The RNG, in effect, pre-selects the outcome for each and every spin on the slot machine, making the actual spinning of the reels more of a formality than anything else. Before you have even pushed a button or pulled a handle, the machine knows whether you are going to win or not.

The machines, of course, are programmed to stop at non-paying combinations more often than others, something players obviously understand. Otherwise, the beautiful new Superior Casino , or any other online or land-based casino, might not even exist. But because this process is “random,” it does allow for a winning combination to appear, and certainly reduces the possibility that the outcomes can be subject to specific manipulation from both internal and external sources.

The results are based on a long-term pay schedule, which means that the casino knows what it is going to be getting out of each machine on a long-term basis, though the short-term results for the customer are still left pretty much to chance.

In addition to being essential to the development and advancement of slot machines, the RNG is also the governing mechanism behind all player vs. house games that are played over the internet. Naturally, that includes slots, which are, of course, seen but not touched.

Stay tuned for the continuation of this post.

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