Tomahawk 3D Slot at Superior Online Casino

August 14th, 2019

When it comes to online casinos, Superior Casino is definitely a powerhouse. This online gaming site has made its own way in the industry by providing the best games existing, and at the same time, co-working with the best game developers. In fact, Superior is now powered by Saucify, one of the best game developing platforms nowadays, and if you’re wondering why is that the games developed by this platform happen to be so remarkable, the answer is quite simple, quality! And when you mix this with exceptional service as the one Superior Casino offers to their players then you have the perfect formula for a unique experience. The latest release of this collaboration is Tomahawk, an astonishing game with awesome characteristics that play in benefit of the players. Let’s see all about it!

Tomahawk is a 5-reel slot game with more than 240 different ways to win, big number ha! Well, this slot game is set on an American Native theme, players will experience a very detailed board design and how seriously Saucify has taken this subject just as it’s done with almost all the games I have tried of them. Although you can tell graphics are quite minimalistic this doesn’t interfere with the overall well design of the game. The symbol package is really beautiful, the player will see a blue shark, a blue and red parrot, an orange dragonfly, a green dog, an orange A, a blue K, a blue Q, and finally, a brown J. This new slot game also has three special symbols.

First, the player may see the “brave” symbol which is a wild and substitutes any symbol except the Tomahawk and dreamcatcher symbols. The Axe’s free spins symbol is really great. Get 3 or more Tomahawk symbols and the player will activate the free spins feature. Free spins cannot be re-activated again during free spins. All bets played are the same as the game that triggered the feature. If you get five Tomahawk you will earn 100 credits and 15 free spins at x3. If the player gets 4, it will earn 10 credits and 10 free spins at X2, with 3 of them it will earn 5 free spins at x2, and finally, if the player gets 2 of these symbols it will get two credits. Closing this pack of symbols there’s the dreamcatcher symbol, this works as a Scatter, if the player gets 3 or more it will trigger the Totem Builder feature. The features with the same win are not multiplied by any free spins’ multiplier and the prize of the values are proportional to the size of the bet that triggered the feature game.
To conclude, this game is simple yet entertaining, and all of this is combined with incredible winning chances and a beautiful design. So, what are you waiting for? You can now try this game at Superior Casino.

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Sweet Success Online Slot at Superior Casino

August 12th, 2019

Even though the online casino industry has been around for quite a long, its popularity has been arising in recent times which, of course, can be attributed to the incredible advances made in technology matters and a more polished offer of games and opportunities. This been said, Superior Casino is for sure one of the betting websites where you can find all of that on each one of their slots, this casino has the experience of being for more than ten years in the market, and this has served to build a one-of-a-kind platform, user-friendly and productive that happens to offer the best games in the business. Sweet Success is one of the latest hits of Superior, a game created in collaboration with the marvelous game developer Saucify, let’s see the main details of the game.

This 5-reel slot game has a fully colored design and more than 50 pay lines that you can use to activate and multiply your winning chances. It has a great symbol package; the player will find more than 10 different symbols. Among these, there is an orange candy, a black candy, a green gummy, a blue gummy, an A made of candy, a K made of cookie, a Q and a J made of candy, and finally, a 10 made of cookies. Also, there are four special symbols, a colorful lollipop representing the Wild symbol, a purple lollipop serving as the Scatter / free spins symbol, a gummy person as the Scatter/feature game, and finally a gummy that works as the regular scatter.

The wild symbol substitutes any symbol except for the Scatter symbol, and all of the scatter wins are multiplied by the total credits wagered. Scatters are paid in addition to the pay-line wins. The free spins / Scatter is triggered by getting 3 or more free spin symbols anywhere on the reels, also free spins can be activated again while they happen. All of the wins are doubled during free spins, and as if wasn’t enough all bets and lines played are the same as the game that triggered free spins.

The feature game Scatter is triggered by getting three or more symbols anywhere on the reel, this will trigger the “pick a prize” feature game. The values of the prize ​​are proportional to the size of the bet that triggered the feature. If the player gets three symbols it will earn 1 chance to pick among 3 prizes, with 4 symbols it will have 2 chances among 4 prizes, and with 5 symbols, 3 of 5 prizes. Finally, the Random wild turns into a wild symbol for that spin. The random wild is not available during free spins.

This game is an entertaining gold machine, on top the incredible special features, players can activate 50 pay lines in order to increase their winning chances, so this is by far a great deal. Also, the gameboard is quite simple to use and provides help while playing. Don’t forget to try this 3D Slot game now at Superior Casino.

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Samba Spins Saucify Slot at top Superior Casino

August 8th, 2019

If you are looking for the best online slot for you to place your bets and have a lot of fun while doing it, then Superior Casino is for sure the website you should visit. This mobile friendly online casino has been in the market for more than 10 years, so this can give you an idea of its long trajectory. However, it’s not only a matter of time, instead, the most important thing, in reality, is what they’ve done during that time in terms of improvements in order to translate this into having their clients more than happy. Well, Superior Casino has identified the needs of their players, and this has served as a catalyst for them to provide better service throughout the time; from remarkable collaborations such as the currently existing with the game developer Saucify to many others, you can tell Superior has not wasted any time. The latest release of the hand of Saucify it’s been a total hit, Samba Spins is a promising game with lots of surprises. Let’s see more about it!

Samba Spins is a 5-reel slot game with a simple yet noticeable design, in fact, it’s all about colorful scenarios, and parties. This slot game has a large number of icons that integrate the symbols’ package. The player will have the chance to see and interact with a typical carnival carriage, fireworks, a special mask, some maracas, a drum, a whistle, an A, a K, a Q, and a J. Also, there are two special symbols which are the Wild and the free spins/scatter symbol respectively. The wild symbols on reels 2 or 4 will expand to cover the remaining positions on that reel, completing any possible wins. This symbol substitute any symbol except for the Scatter. These wilds are two Carnival dancers, a woman, and a man. On the other hand, the free spins/scatter symbol can be activated by getting 3 firework symbols or more. Free spins can be activated again during the feature, and all wins are doubled during the feature as well. All bets and lines played are the same as the game that triggered the feature.

This slot game has 50 pay lines for players to take the most out the wins, all wins are paid from left to right, except for the Scatter symbol which pays regardless the direction. All pay-line wins are multiplied by the credits wagered per line and the scatter wins are multiplied by the total credits wagered. Also, the Scatter is paid in addition to pay-line wins. Cool right? Oh, and one last thing, only the highest win is paid on each active line.

In addition to the interesting plot and special features of this game, it also has some cool options as the autoplay mode, which allows the computer to play a specific numbers of spin for the player. Moreover, the max bet button will allow players to place a single bet by setting by default the highest rate possible.
So, if you are looking for a simple game with great winning opportunities and special features, this is definitely it. Don’t waste your time on any other, go now to Superior Casino to try it out!

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Rise of Spartans Saucify Slot at our online casino

August 7th, 2019

One of the most important things in the online casino industry is their game quality, this is, that the games have outstanding graphics, incredible features, and one-of-a-kind game plots. That is why is more than crucial to count with distinguished game developers in order to offer remarkable games, and this is something Superior Casino succeeds the most at. Saucify is the latest game developer to join the Superior family, a platform known for delivering high-quality games and astonishing storylines in each one of their slots, Rise of Spartans continues to prove this. Let’s see all about it!

Rise of Spartans is a 5-reel online slot set in the ancient Greece, as soon as you play it you can tell the unique style this slot has. The symbol package is even better, you will see more than ten symbols among there is a Spartan warrior, a Persia warrior, a special Persia warrior, a big boat, a typical boat and four shields, the Spartan regular shield, a yellow shield, a blue shield, and a red shield. In addition, you will also have the chance to interact with four special symbols, these are, Themistocles as the wild, The King Xerxes as the feature game scatter, Artemisia as the free spins scatter, and Queen Gorgo as the Scatter. Themistocles substitutes any symbol except for the Scatter symbol, any win with a substitute wild doubles your win. Artemisia, as the free spins scatter will trigger free-spin symbols anywhere on the reels, it worths to mention that free spins can be activated again during free spins, and also all of the wins are tripled during free spins. All bets and lines played are the same as the game that triggered free spins. Get 3 Artemisia symbols and this will give you 7 free spins, 4 Artemisia Symbols gives 12 free spins, and 5 Artemisia symbols 15 free spins.

King Xerxes triggers the Pick-a-Prize feature. During this feature the prize values are proportional to the size of the bet that triggered the feature game. If the player obtains 3 King Xerxes, it will be allowed to pick 1 out of 3 prizes, with 4 King Xerxes players can pick 2 out of 4, and finally, 5 King Xerxes allow to pick 3 out of 5 prizes. On the other hand, Queen Gorgo wins are multiplied by the total credits wagered, and also the scatters are paid in addition to pay-line wins. All wins are pay from left to right, except Scatter symbols which pay both directions. All pay-line wins are multiplied by the credits wagered per line.

Playing Rise of Spartans is a unique experience any player wouldn’t like to miss, you can feel the adrenaline running through you veins while you have this royal adventure. Don’t let anyone to tell you about it, go now to Superior Casino and try our slots while following our tips to win!

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Monkey Business 3D Slot by Saucify at Superior Casino

July 22nd, 2019

Superior Casino is definitely a powerhouse in the online betting industry, for more than 10 years it’s been in the market offering cutting-edge games and a one-of-a-kind service to all of their customers. If you’re wondering what’s the key to a successful business as such it all comes to strategies as offering wonderful bonuses to both new and regular players, providing high-quality games, and offering exceptional support among others. As Superior Casino is constantly improving, it has been collaborating with one of the greatest game’s developers in the business, for instance, Saucify, this company is responsible for a great set of games nowadays in the market, and it’s the one who brought Monkey Business into this wonderful online casino.

Monkey Business is a 5-reel slot game with 20 pay lines that you can activate to increase your winning chances. It has a chill and funny design, simple yet on point. The symbol package is hilarious, it starts with a bunch of monkeys working in different areas. The player will find a Monkey selling bananas, a chef monkey, and accountant monkey, a doctor monkey, and a constructor monkey. Also, there are some other symbols such as some bananas, a tool kit, a calculator, a computer, and finally, a paycheck. Besides the regular symbols, the player will find 3 special symbols, starting with the gorilla stockbroker as the wild, this symbol substitutes any symbol except for the peanut pay packet, and the city chimp which are the remaining. The Scatter Bonus is the Peanut pay packets, if the player gets three or more of it on any reels, it will trigger the “fire the monkey” bonus game. In this game, the prices are proportional to the size of the bet that triggered the feature game. Finally, the free-spin scatter is represented by the City chimp, when a player gets 3 or more Scatters it activates free spins which can be reactivated on the free spin mode. All bets and lines played remain in there. If the player gets the Scatter symbol, it will earn 10 free spins, 4 Scatters earn 15 free spins, and 5 Scatters earn 30 free spins.

This 5-reel slot game is all you need to spend a great time while enjoying the ride and winning a lot of credits; you will have plenty of chances to win. So, go for it and try it now at Superior Casino!

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