FAST LANE- a 50 Pay Line Free Online Slot at Superior Casino

Online slots can be categorized in many different ways. Some of these games have 3 reels (called classic slots), some of them come with five reels and are called video slots, some have free spins, some have spectacular bonus round games and so on. But perhaps the most important aspect for players is that one that will give them the most possibilities for winning and sometimes that is the number of pay lines that a game may have. If you think about it, the more pay lines and reels, the more winning combinations the machine will have and that all translates to more winning in the end.


One of Superior Casino's latest releases is a wonderful free online slot called Fast Lane. This game pays tribute to one of the most exciting themes out there and that Formula 1 motor racing. There are many players out there who absolutely love to watch these races on TV and why not bring all the fun to the online casino world. In addition, one of the most exciting features about this game is the fact that players have a whopping 50 pay lines to create winning combinations which is absolutely a wonderful extra on top of all the other great features this game already offers.

Click to Play online - free video slot!

Click to Play online - free video slot!

Players are first introduced to the game with a great welcome video clip that shows three cars racing. Players will get a first glimpse of what this game is all about. Loud fans, exciting sounds and fantastic sound effects. The symbols in the game include different colored cars, professional drivers, a male fan, a helmet, a drill, the fuel and a tire. There's a bunch of animations that go hand in hand with these symbols whenever they land a winning sequence. The bonus game is triggered when players land three or more of the checked flag symbols and they need to get ready to help the crew members fix a car by either jacking it up , changing the tire, filling the fuel and other exciting activities.

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