May has many winners!

The month of May is a well of luck for many Superior Casino players. A recent big wave of winners have found their lucky hour. Here’s a few of this month’s winners:

Mr. Daniel H. won $11,790 with a $75 deposit on I-slots and Video Poker

Mrs. Alexandra S. won $7,342 with a $100 deposit playing Scary Rich 2

Ms. Elizabeth W. won $3,100 with a $100 deposit playing Gold Rush and Cash Cow!

Mr. TIMOTHY R. won $1,400 with a $48 deposit playing Video Slots

Miss Gina T. won $8,302 with a $500 deposit playing Keno and Rock On

Mr. Chris A. won $1,000 with a $50 deposit on Pigskin Payout

Mrs. Letty P won $1,195.43 with $43.10 deposit on Reel Party

We are happy that these and so many other winners have experienced the excitement of winning real money at our  online casino. We also hope you get your lucky day soon!


In the classic Walt Disney film, Lion King, Simba’s father Mufasa dies in what manner:

a) By the attack of evil hyenas
b) Drowned in a lake while trying to save Simba
c) Poisoned by a snake’s bite
d) By a fall into a Gnu stampede

Answer correctly to receive:


88% Trivia Bonus up to $88

To participate please make sure you fit the criteria:

1) With 1 deposit within the last 2 months (since March 2009)
2 Account in good standing, with promotions allowed
3) Not received more than 2 no-deposit bonus since last deposit.

Stephen Vaughn is waiting for your answers at You will receive a reply within 24 hours on weekedays. Good luck.

Trivia expires May 19th at noon Eastern Time.

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