Easter Week Surprises

Welcome back to a new exciting week at your favorite Online Casino. This week is very special…

Let me tell you something, we will be releasing a new slot game tomorrow. Keep posted as we will publish here all the details.

Also, for active players this week we have a quite unbeatable set of promotions that’s going to keep you playing longer:

Climb the bonus ladder #1: 45% bonus up to $450!
Climb the bonus ladder #2: 50% bonus up to $500!
Climb the bonus ladder #3: 55% bonus up to $550!
Climb the bonus ladder #4: 60% bonus up to $600!
Climb the bonus ladder #5: 75% bonus up to $150!
Climb the bonus ladder #6: 100% bonus up to $100!
Climb the bonus ladder TOKEN: $50 FREE!

That’s right, as you claim each one, you will receive a bigger bonus for your next deposit. At the end, you will receive a $50 free-play token!

So, you have great casino bonuses this week, a new surprise Easter slot game and we haven’t forgotten about the Trivia. So here it is.

From what movie in 2000 was this quote taken:

“I have made fire.”

Answer correctly to receive Free $7 and a special bonus for your next purchase: Deposit $25 play with $55 Bonus.

Send your answer to Stephen Vaughn at host@superiorcasino.com. He will get back to you in 24 hours on weekdays. To apply you must be:

1) An active player with at least 1 deposit within the last 2 months (since Feb. 2009)
2) Have your account in good standing, with promotions allowed
3) You have not received more than 2 no-deposit token since your last deposit.

This trivia expires at noon US Eastern Time on April 14th.

Have a wonderful Easter week!

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