A Common Question – How To Get Bitcoins?

How to get bitcoins? For good reason, this is one of the top questions asked in Google. Everybody wants to get on the wave and own some bitcoin of their own. And using bitcoin for purchases is getting increasingly easier and easier. So let us tell you how to get bitcoins?

Bitcoin was invented with the online casinos in mind. It solves the issue of funding gaming accounts 100% and is actually very easy to use once you get over the learning curve. While it seems very technical (it certainly is), it’s not as difficult as you might think.

As we described in our previous blog post about Superior being a bitcoin casino (read it – it explains everything you need to know about depositing and withdrawing with bitcoin at Superior Casino), you have to first find a way to convert your fiat funds (USD, Euro, GBP,etc) into bitcoin. We show you how to set up a wallet at an exchange and then open a spend wallet to transfer funds in and out of the casino. But, there are other ways of acquiring bitcoin than through an exchange.

Here are a few other ways we answer the question – How to get bitcoins?:

Indacoin – Our top pick is Indacoin. It’s a really easy way to get bitcoin using your credit or debit card. You just need to be sure you have a bitcoin wallet already. As previously pointed out, you should have a wallet at Blockchain.info already. With Indacoin you just make the bitcoin purchase directly from them and they will send it right to your Blockchain.info wallet directly. Be sure you enter your correct phone number as a representative from Indacoin will contact you to confirm the account with a three-digit pin. This is a one-time process. Also be aware that the exchange rate at Indacoin is not the best. So plan on buying at least $50 worth of bitcoin to reach the minimum deposit at Superior Casino. Don’t worry, though. We’ll add enough extra bonus to your account to cover the higher exchange rate.

how to get bitcoins

Local Bitcoins – Local Bitcoins connects you with other people who are ready to sell you bitcoin that they have and are willing to arrange private transaction methods between the two parties. It is safe because Local Bitcoins acts as an escrow service, making sure both parties have fully committed to the deal before processing the transaction. The seller is able to set their own price and many of them will take bank transfers or even transfers from other wallets, such as Paypal. You can sometimes find good deals on exchange rates and the fees are next to nothing. You will have to prove to the seller that you are who you say you are, so be ready to upload an image of you holding your ID and, in some cases a screenshot of your online banking page (be sure you don’t expose your account number or any other compromising info. Just your full name that matches your ID.

how to get bitcoins

Paxful – Paxful is a unique peer to peer exchange network that allows you to use Gift Cards from hundreds of online and offline merchants, such as Victorias Secret, Walmart, Itunes, Amazon, and Xbox. The seller sets the the cash amount on the dollar and the transaction is held in escrow until completed. Getting bitcoin from sellers on Paxful can be expensive, but if you have a balance sitting around on a gift card, why not get rid of it and acquire some bitcoin.

how to get bitcoins

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