The Temple of Shangri-La, the amazing Asian 3D slot machine!


The indefatigable Superior Casino, releases yet one more 3D slot machine game. This time the adventure takes place in the Far East, in the magic temple of: Shangri-La


This amazing new 3D casino slot tells the story of Mr. Fu, a descendant from the prestigious dragon dynasty. He dwells in a magic temple that is rumored to harbor incredible powers. Many have attempted to take these powers by force but it is no easy task to defeat Mr. Fu. This is the setting for the new 5-reel 3D Video slot: Shangri-La


View the amusing trailer for this 3D slot in our YouTube account:


This new 3D slot has some features most players probably have not seen. From the start it may look like an ordinary video slot, except for that fact that it has some 3D elements. Yet, when you begin playing, this 3D slots literally jumps out of your screen. Furthermore, as you get deeper into its bonus features, you realize that is has many things you don’t normally see in other slots.


One of the best features is the “Click and Avoid”. To reach this phase you must collect 5 wild icons during normal play. After you have reached 5 wild wins, on the same denomination and same line-betting, then the Click and Avoid bonus round will begin. Click on any of the fish icons available and try to avoid the hidden “collect” icon. You will accrue coins for every click until you find the collect icon.


Lastly, the Buddha bonus round is much fun. To reach this bonus phase you must get 3 Buddha icons in one spin. You will enter inside the temple to help the Buddha stop two spinning wheels. In one wheel there will be numbers of coins and on the second one there are multipliers. At the end of the bonus round the coins will be multiplied by the factor in the second wheel. Then that will be multiplied by the number of betting lines you had going before the bonus round. Prepare to receive nice juicy jackpots this way.


The Temple of Shangri-La is available with Superior Casino’s software or by visiting our Instant No Download Slots page.

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