Inside scoop: revolutionary 3-D video slot games coming!

Superior Casino takes center stage once again with the upcoming release of the world’s very first 3-D video slot games!


It has been confirmed that within a week Superior Casino will be releasing the first two 3D casino slots ever made. The games will be available only through the no-download casino game menu, for easy enjoyment and playing directly from the web. They have extraordinary graphics for high level of entertainment!

The games will have 5 reels and many unexpected but exciting surprises. A lot of work has gone into these games to make them stand out from the rest of slot machines, and they truly STAND out. With astonishing introductions as you will see below plus a wide range of 3D animations and winning sequences, players will be dazzled by these 3D Slot machines.


Superior Casino will be releasing 2 initial 3D slot games. We give you a sneak preview to them right here at Superior Casino’s official news blog.

Crazy Jewelry  


Watch the above Youtube video to see the intro of the 3D casino game. Soon you will be able to discover the 3-D slot experience with lovable characters and mind-blowing adventures.

Then, we present to you: Dr. Magoo's Adventure


An exotic adventure to a uninhabited island. (or is it?) Fill with treasures, bobby traps, and bonus round adventures.


These both revolutionary games will be available for Superior Casino’s Free No-download Slots lobby. They will be able to be played for free or with real money, for the ultimate gaming thrill.

Stay tune this week for the official release of these 3D slot machines and be ready to be the first to spin their reels and collect their sumptuous jackpots!

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