Always Be a Winner While Playing Superior Casino Games

June 26th, 2013

We all want to be winners in life right? Well, we always want to be winners when playing Superior Casino games too! But it's not always easy and it's definitely not always going to be the case. Sometimes you might be having an off day and you don't seem to be winning anything regardless of how much you want to.


Let's face it. Lady Luck is not always going to be by your side every time you log in. However, there are several things you can be doing that will prolong your stay and have you enjoy your gaming session in ways that you might have not experienced before. The truth of the matter is that you're not always going to be a winner when playing Superior Casino fruit machine games. However, you don’t always have to lose your hard-earned cash.

Therefore, it's pivotal for players – new bettors as well as the more experienced ones – to follow a few easy steps and avoid several easy-to-spot mistakes that will help them have a successful and truly enjoyable experience. One of the most important pieces of information players must keep in mind every time the begin a session is that while there are great chances of becoming huge winners, this will not always be the case.

Keep in mind that knowing when to stop a gaming session is one of the most successful ways to keep your bankroll healthy. Knowing when to stop or when you can continue trying with a specific game will allow you to either keep playing the following day or not. Give any of our fabulous online fruit machines games a try or perhaps try your luck with any of our Blackjack variants, Poker games or our super fun specialty games.


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What Makes Superior Casino You're Number 1 Choice?

June 17th, 2013

If you're still unsure if you should give Superior Casino a try then you're undoubtedly missing important information. Of course, choosing the right online casino is pivotal to make your virtual gaming experience one you will never forget – and never let go!

But what makes Superior Casino your number one choice? There are many different reasons why you should pick our site before any other. Choosing to play in our casino will guarantee that you have access to the best selection of games – particularly online fruit machine games – the biggest bonuses, great customer support and many convenient banking options. As long as you have a personal computer with you and a dependable connection to the internet, you're good to go! Playing online casino games has never been easier and safer.


Superior Casino offers players some of the most extravagant casino bonuses and promotions around. Try our online fruit machine games and enjoy our $5,000 in Slots Bonuses. Your very first deposit will be credited with a 100% bonus on deposits up to $1000 deposit. Furthermore, players can also enjoy other wonderful promotions such as our $50 Refer a Friend bonus, $1000 in casino games bonuses and much more.

And if all of this isn’t enough to convince you about our casino then turn to our reputation. Luckily for players these days there are many websites where players can turn to in order to find our more about the company. Finding out about Superior Casino’s gold reputation is easy. Simply do a quick google search about what other players are saying about our casino and you will soon learn all you can about our verifiable history of honest financial transactions, accurate and fair payout rates on all our games, the highest level of player satisfaction, outstanding customer service, prompt processing of transactions and more.


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What Makes Superior Casino Fruit Machines Easier and More Fun?

June 10th, 2013

When you opt to play Superior Casino fruit machines you're choosing to play some of the most exciting games online. Our fruit machine games are packed with exciting features which give players more chances to become happy winners almost right away.

There are many features that can be taken advantage when players enjoy Superior Casino fruit machines. For instance, many of our machines offer an auto mode feature created especially for those players who like to take some time off from hitting the spin button and those who would like to see things happen rather quickly. If you consider yourself this type of player then playing fruit machine games in auto mode is the way to go.


Try a game like our interactive golf-themed fruit machine Hole in Won and simply click on the Auto Spin button to quickly get to the fabulous bonus round feature. However, you must take into account that this particular round is a skill based bonus feature. This means that players must be on top of the game and make the right decisions in order to win more. In this particular game you'll be taken to a nine-hole golf course and every time the bonus game is triggered you'll need to be ready to play one hole. When you've completed all nine holes you'll start a brand new cycle.

Another great advantage of using the Auto Spin feature is that you'll also be able to get to the Free Spins round games as well. Since the Free Spins round is not a skilled based game players can enjoy these while the Auto Spin feature is on.

The Auto Spin button is located on the right located on the bottom right hand side. If players want to stop this feature the can do so at any time during auto mode by clicking once again on the 'Auto' button. The Auto Spin feature is not available during Fun Mode play, only in Real-Money mode.


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Superior Casino's Favorite Bonus Round Fruit Machines

June 3rd, 2013

Every online casino out there offers different fruit machine features and none compare with Superior Casino bonus round games. Our bonus games are special in nature and most of all, highly interactive and highly profitable.


Our bonus round features vary from fruit machine to fruit machine. However, the main idea behind these games is to give players the possibility of winning more and winning big. The way that our bonus games work is by having players land three or more of the bonus activating symbols anywhere on the reels and active paylines.


There are many great Superior Casino fruit machine games that offer players the chance to experience amazing bonus rounds. A game like Heroes' Realm is a traditional 3 reel fruit machine where players will run into an unexpected bonus round feature. (Normally, classic 3 reel fruit machine games don't have a bonus feature.) Here players will be prompted to choose between either the male or female hero characters. The screen will show a village and soon thereafter skeletons will attack the houses. Players need to use their mouse to have their hero battle these skeletons. Once they've succeeded beating the smaller skeletons, a rather large skeleton will appear for players to destroy. Players will earn coins for each skeleton they defeat.

A great example of a bonus round game in a five reel video fruit machine is Hobo's Hoard. This fun game has a rather unusual theme that will take players on a trip to a hobo lifestyle adventure. The bonus round feature occurs whe three or more of the Bus icons appear on the screen. When the bonus game begins, players will need to choose one of five people. Each character will award a randomly generated coin amount, so players want to pick the one you they believe will pay out the most.


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