New 3-reel Slot Game Release: Costume Party

May 27th, 2013

Superior Casino is proud to release on May 28th a brand new, unique and more-than-exciting 3-reel slot game: Costume Party! This machine is one of the most original games we've ever seen and that you'll be able to find in our selection. Now, we want out players to join in this crazy fun – for hours on end!


This singular slot game consists of 3 reels and 3 paylines. Unlike most conventional video slots, the reels in Costume Party spin horizontally rather than vertically which is the first quirkiness about this game.


Your main goal in Costume Party is to match the different parts of the bodies of the different characters found on the reels – including head, body and legs. The symbols ( or characters) include a sexy-looking Nurse, a whacky Chicken, a wicked Witch, a Knight in shining armor, a tough Cowboy, a handsome Astronaut, Frankenstein and Wonder Woman.

All of these characters are hidden in the paytable when you first start playing this wild video slot. As you win and match up the different characters your progress will be tracked so that you'll be able to collect every single one of them as you go.

You can place your bets in Costume Party using 1, 2 or 3 coins and the available coin sizes range from $0.01 up to $5.

Outstanding graphic effects, great background music as well as quirky sounds and fun animations every time a winning combination takes place are some of the things you can expect when playing Costume Party. And don't forget about the chance of winning amazing prizes too! Available on Download version and Instant Play Casino Games, after May 28th.


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Choosing the Right Superior Fruit Machine for You

May 20th, 2013

If you like to play online fruit machine games then you're in the right place. Superior Casino has many different fruit machine games to choose from and sometimes making the right choice can take some time.

In order to find the perfect game for you you should first focus on the details such as how much you'll be wagering, how much that particular machine pays out but most importantly, you can never forget to have fun!

Of course it's hard to try out every single game we offer. Even when this is a possibility – given that you can play our fruit machines for free – it's very likely that you haven't experienced them all. If you happen to be trying out a new machine for the very first time there are a few things that you should keep in mind.


First off, you want to check what you can bet. Meaning that if you go ahead and choose a game such as the 3 reel traditional fruit machine Gold Rush (which by the way is the Game of our New Slot Tournament with £500 in Cash Prizes) you'll be able to wager 1 and up to 3 coins per spin which will add up to a total betting amount of £15 per spin. If these numbers work out for you and you can afford this fruit machine then go ahead and give it a try. But, if the answer is no, then feel free to find another machine that fits your budget.

In addition, it's only natural that you're going to want to know how much you can actually win. Choosing to play a video fruit machine like 5 Reel Circus will give you the chance to win a maximum jackpot amount of 7500 coins! Be sure to check out our progressive games or interactive fruit machines for games that pay out some other outstanding prizes.


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Fruit Machine Myths to Avoid

May 13th, 2013

By the time you've made up your mind about playing online casino games there's a strong chance that you will have researched about the best strategies to win at fruit machine games. However, if you've decided to play Superior Casino machines (and you've made the absolute right decision) your best strategy is to always have fun while playing.

Having said that, there are many players that still get confused about what really works while playing fruit machine games and what can be considered a myth. It's important for players to educate themselves while at the same time trying not to believe everything they hear or read.

Before hitting the spin button at any of our fun and highly profitable fruit machine games, please consider the following information:

While Superior Casino likes to pamper all its players with special online casino promotions including one of the most complete Loyalty Club programs, all players have the same winning odds. It is not possible (and completely illegal) for our casino to have special preferences over specific customers. If you want to be one of our lucky progressive jackpot winner try your luck with our fantastic One Million Reels BC game of perhaps with one of our interactive machines such as the As the Reels Turn saga.

There's also a strong myth circulating that players should stick to one machine only if they want to land the really big prizes. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. While you can play our Psychedelic Sixties fruit machine for hours on end you can always choose to switch to a five reel game like Wild Carnival at any time! Superior Casino guarantees that all results are random and you can become a serious winner at any time and while playing any one of our fabulous games!


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How Have Casino Fruit Machines Changed Over the Years?

May 6th, 2013

Players tend to think that online fruit machine games are intrinsically the same, taking into account that both, online and offline machines, are computer generated graphics that spin around their reels and come to a stop to reveal prizes. The truth is that, for the most part, players would be right about that.


However, Superior Casino fruit machines are some of the most recognizable and exciting options players can choose to play online. There are many differences from what's offered in brick and mortar casinos and also, there are many differences from the very first games offered by our casino when it first started.

One of the greatest things about Superior Casino fruit machine games is that they offer much better payout percentage rates compared with land based machines. Some of the most fantastic options players can turn to are games like the five reel video fruit machine Opera Night with one of the highest payout percentages players can find.

Superior Casino has steadily improved their games bringing better and more creative fruit machine games to their selection. Over time, our fruit machine games have been revolutionized with better bonus features, more paylines, more reels and more of everything!

Our famous interactive fruit machine games offer players some of the most impressive graphic effects that are accompanied by realistic sound effects and they truly give players a glimpse into what is the next few years could hold for our fruit machine games. Titles such as Sherwood Forest Fortunes, A Switch in Time, Fixer Upper, Hole in Won and others have truly taken Fruit Machine games to the next level and the list of these cutting edge games continues to grow.

All of our fruit machine games are an absolute treat to play on and players are bound to find amazing and profitable bonus features and fantastic in-play animations that will keep you entertained for hour on end!


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