New Slot Machine Games at Superior Casino: Midway Madness

February 25th, 2013

Superior Casino is always looking to bring new and exciting games to all our players who undoubtedly deserve the very best. We know that each and every one of our player is unique and has its own taste and special budget needs – thus why, we like to bring to the table new games that hopefully please a great deal of our customers and our new slot machine game is not the exception.

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Midway Madness is a 20 payline and 5 reel interactive slot is a game that brings you all the fun of a carnival right to your computer screen. This iSlot is full of bright colors and cheerful sounds that really transport you to a time when you were a kid and couldn't wait for your parents to take you to the fair. Get ready to relive the experience with amusement park rides, delicious looking food and colorful characters that await on the reels of Midway Madness.

This game has three different levels of excitement, three different and very profitable bonus round games and three main characters that will give players the sense of a brand new game starting every time a new level appears. As players make it to a different level they will be reminded of the many classic images of a what a carnival is really like with the fun park rides, sideshow games and much more!


The betting sizes for Midway Madness are perfect for any type of players ranging from $.001 to $.25, with a maximum bet amount of 10 coins per pay line. As you would expect with such an interactive slot game, the symbols found on the reels are different for each level which include a great deal of park rides such the Ferris Wheel, a Rocket Ship and the classic image of a boy who is about to get sick. In addition, players will find other symbols such as the popular fair games like Ring Toss, Hoops, Basketball and others. In the final casing players will run into symbols having to do with the delicious traditional fair goodies like cord dogs, candy apples and more.


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What Type of Online Slots Players are You?

February 18th, 2013

Superior Casino welcomes all types of players to enjoy our fantastic online slots games selection. Our games have been carefully designed to suit the needs and wants of each and every one of our customers – those looking to bet smalls amounts as well as high roller players.

Furthermore, we have also thought about the fact that not all of our players have the same taste and are constantly looking for new and interesting themes. As you know, our slot games are divided into different categories depending on the number of reels and specialty. However, players will also find that our games also could also be classified into categories that are related to their theme such as food, travel, leisure and much more.

Now, when talking about types of slots players a recent study has shown that these can be divided into different categories as well. It's important to note that none of these groups backs up the theory that all slots players have a gambling addiction or some other negative connotation.

The first group on this list includes those players who simply enjoy the games to have a good time every once in a while. This group of players do not play slot games to cash out big sums of money since they actually enjoy just sitting back and relaxing while the reels turn.

The second group includes players who actually avoid playing slots with progressive jackpots or games that pay out larger sums of money. These players do not necessarily care about winning huge prizes; they just want to win something and as you know, progressive slot games do not pay out as often.


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