Superior Casino Spin Tournament

November 29th, 2012



Superior Casino tournaments are now found at:


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Different Symbols and How They Work in Superior Casino Slots

November 26th, 2012

When you play Superior Casino slots you will notice that there are some special symbols that will help you add to your winnings. These icons include the popular Wild symbols. When you choose your slot machine game one of the first things you want to do is head to the pay table and find out which of the images represents the Wild symbols. These are the ones that will stand in for any other symbol. However, at times the Wild will not stand in for Scatter icons or those that trigger the Bonus Round casino games. Players will be able to find the information on what a Wild symbol will and what it will not stand for on the respective pay table.

Since there will be times that the Wild symbol will indeed stand for other symbols it means that it can assist in making otherwise losing combinations winning ones.What this actually means for players is that any slot machine game that has Wild symbols is truly worth your while to check out and play. Especially is the slot game in question has multiple paylines.


Players will soon find out that there are several variations of Wild symbols to look out for. All of these Wilds will certainly enhance your game play and ultimately your chances of winning big prizes.

Standard Wild Symbol

This Wild symbol is the most common one found in slots games. It will make an appearance on the reels along with any other two matching symbols and will help to complete a winning combination. These Wild symbols are most likely to appear in classic 3 reel slots and are perfect for those players looking for a non-complicated slot game.

Wild Multiplier Symbol

The Wild Multiplier symbol will not only stand in for other symbols but whenever players land these they will help complete winning combinations in addition to multiplying that win by a certain amount which varies from slot game to slot game.


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How Can Players Get the Most Out of Superior Casino Slots?

November 19th, 2012

Playing online casino games can be a little tricky at times. There are so many games to choose from when you join Superior Casino that your mind may start to go wild. However, if you decide to try out our slot games then you will certainly find that these are the most simple and fun games you can go for. Even while there are many different variations all of slots in our games selection, these are basically played the same way.

When you learn how to play one you can go ahead and use this knowledge to play every other slot game you choose. Here are some of the the basics that you should always keep in mind to get the most out of your Superior Casino gaming experience.

Don't be too quick to judge a machine before becoming familiar with it first. In other words, it's a good idea for you to spend some time studying the pay table before you go ahead and play with your hard-earned cash. The pay table will show you what each symbol of that particular slot will pay and the bet levels for bonus games or jackpot prizes.

You will then want to select the coin size that fits your budget. At times you will want to play with lowers amounts and at other times you'll have enough to splurge.

When you have made up your mind about the perfect slot game for you then it's time to select your bet size. Each machine is different, for instance in three reel slot games you are likely to hit the Bet Max button to bet the maximum coins and then get the reels going. However, you can always choose to bet with a lower amount by fixing the coin size.

On five reel video slots you can go ahead and hit the Select Coins to bet one credit, press again to bet two and so on or you can also hit the Bet Max button that will also automatically allow you to bet with the maximum number of coins and starts the spin.


Superior Casino will soon be releasing a new set of mini-games that will greatly simplify online casino games. All features of the games will be straightforward and user friendly. Stay tuned for more on these new mini-games!


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Other Helpful Tips when Playing Superior Casino Slots

November 12th, 2012

Superior Casino has a wide variety of online slot games just for every type of player out there. If you're into classic 3 reel slots then we have 12 different games to choose from including the amazing Heroes' Realm that takes traditional slots to a whole different level with free spins and a bonus round game. There are 54 video slot games packed with amazing graphics, multipliers, wilds and many winning probabilities And of course our incredible interactive slot games that really take the whole online casino experience to another dimension.

There are many different things you can do to increase you odds while playing these fabulous slots. While you may be used to playing slot games in your brick and mortar casino of choice. Things are a little different in the online world.

In the 'real world' you have to be ready to do a number of things to get your machine going. You need a few seconds to move your hand and hit spin or pull the arm. In addition, you must also feed the machine with money. However, in the online casino world all you need to do is set your machine once and click on the spin button.

But wait! Superior Casino will also let you sit back and relax all together with the use of the “Auto Spin” feature. If you feel like taking a break from clicking on the spin button you can switch to automatic play and let it all happen.

Keep in mind that some slot machine games have certain betting limits that determine the number of credits you can play on each spin. Make sure you understand what the limit is before you pick your game. The very last thing you want to do is hit the ‘Bet Max’ button and have all your credits eaten up by one spin. However, you never know when lady luck might come your way and that one spin could be the very best thing that could happen to you!

Plus, as you play at Superior Casino you will discover new innovative promotions all the time. Just look at this week's new welcome bonus for new players' initial deposit:

This bonus can be withdrawn upon cash out (i.e. it will not be deducted). No max cash out for ultimate jackpots!


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Superior Casino and Online Bingo

November 5th, 2012

While it's true that most of Superior Casino's players are avid online slots followers, there are many other games that our players enjoy quite as much.

One of these games is online bingo. Superior Casino offers players the chance to choose between four different versions of bingo including 90 Ball Bingo, 80 Ball Bingo, 75 Ball Bingo and 30 Ball Bingo.


Of course, the main difference between each of the games is the amount of balls used. However, there are some players that haven't tried our online bingo games perhaps because they aren't sure how to play them.

The truth of the matter is that these games are quite simple and a lot of fun. Just like in real life, these games use a bingo card and as the winning digit are called, players will need to look if they are also contained in their own bingo card. Furthermore, the rules of online bingo are just the same as they are in real life too. Players need to form a shape that is predetermined by the numbers that will appear on the screen.

Have fun and good luck with Superior Casino's online bingo games!


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