Official release of new 5-reel online video slot: Gusher’s Gold

March 30th, 2011

This is the complete review of the new online slot at Superior Casino: Gusher’s Gold


The day has come when you can live the life of an oil tycoon. When you deal in petroleum, you know you’ve got your life set. The black gold, as they call it, has turned many a man into a millionaire. Now it’s your turn to make a fortune with oil, with our new dynamic Texan online slot that revolves around the theme of oil drilling and oil dollars!

Let’s start with the basics of this new slot. Naturally, we have made this slot available in free mode and real money mode available from our instant slots page. It presents 5 very colorful reels with objects that an oil tycoon would see in his daily life. That includes oil rigs, bundles of cash, fine Cuban cigars, land contracts, oil barrels, fancy cars, beautiful ladies and a flask of liquor for when things get stressful at the job! You have 20 pay-lines for multiple pay-out possibilities. Bets can be raised to up to 10 coins, on whatever denomination you choose to play.


There are three different pay-tables for this slot. That’s because there are so many bonus features included that one or two pages are not enough! The first page above deals with the common jackpots with normal icons.  The second page of the paytable deals with some of the bonus features. You see the highest paying icon (the old oil tycoon) plus the wild icon and free spins that we will see more about further below.


The final paytable (below) deals with the bonus round and the innovative new feature of the oil pump jackpot meter. This page is animated and will explain clearly how to play the bonus round. The oil pump jackpot is an interesting new feature. Throughout your play you will notice that the oil in the oil pump will rise to several levels. If that oil reaches the top, a surprise jackpot will be delivered.


Free spins are loved by all. Gusher’s Gold delivers free spins often. We test played the game for an hour and we got several turns of free spins. What is great about this video slot is that you can re-trigger free spins within the free spins. The blonde lady is responsible for this. Get at least 3 blonde ladies in a spin to trigger free spins. The more blondes in a spin the more free spins you receive.


Finally, you must try the bonus round where you’ll get the chance to drill for real profits. Select oil rigs, give the command to begin drilling and reveal what prizes you’ve won. Bonus rounds may be entered from the free spins, giving 3x the normal value of the jackpot prizes.


This is a superb online video slot at Superior Casino. We hope you will all try Gusher’s Gold this week.

For your loyalty you will be receiving a free casino bonus of: $25 FREE!

The extra chips will be awarded automatically to you if you play the new game long enough. Complete at least 200 real money spins on this slot and you will automatically apply for the extra casino bonus, to be awarded on April 4th.

(This promotion is available to players that have at least 1 deposit at Superior Casino. Players with limited promotions and from restricted countries do not apply.)

Enjoy the new Gusher’s Gold online slot!

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New Video Slot soon to be released: Gusher’s Gold

March 22nd, 2011

You video slot fanatics will have your hands full with the next release. Our latest 5-reel video slot is coming out next week on Wednesday March 30th. Come back for the full game review next week.

For now we will sketch out a teaser view of the new slot: Gusher’s Gold.


This is a teaser preview image of the game. In the official release we will have a detailed account of the game with clear images. You will be able to play this game for free or with real money from our Instant No-Download Slot page.

What immediately stands out with this slot is that you get all the bonus features we love about video slot. You know how some slot machines only have a couple of bonus features, such as free spins and bonus rounds, others have wild icons and mini-games, but there a few slots that have the whole shebang. Well, Gushers Gold has them all:

You start with a 1000 coin jackpot for the highest prize (in normal spins). That can easily increase as you have to throw in there sets of free spins, all with 3x multiplier. Getting 3 blondies in one spin will get you 5 free spins, getting more blondie icons can get up to 20 free spins all with 3x multiplier. There is also an expanding wild icon on reels 1,3,5, that fills the whole reel to complete as many winnings combinations as possible. Then, we have the bonus round where you’ll get a chance to hit the fields and drill for oil. But that’s not all folks! There is a new bonus feature called the Oil Pump Jackpot, an in-game jackpot that increases as you play and if lucky you’ll be striking Oil! ( = jackpot coins!)

We’ll have much more for you to come next week. For now we remind you of our progressive slot machines are one fire and seem ready to hit. They are over $250,000 in jackpots just waiting for 1 lucky player to take it all home!

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Understanding online slot machine Pay-Out Rates, when slots pay out over 100%!

March 15th, 2011

The Pay-out rate of online casino games is a very basic tenet that all casino goers must understand when they play online. The odds of the games are governed by the pay-out percentage. We want to reach out to you and explain what this means, what you can and cannot expect from published pay-our rates. It is Superior Casino’s belief that players should be informed about how things are run within an online casino and to understand the information that is provided for the benefit of the player.


There are two types of pay-out rates. The established pay-out rates of the games and the actual pay-back rates. The difference is very simple to understand. An online casino will have set a particular pay-out rate for each slot machine. This Payout rate is measured in percentages and will often be over 94%. A fair online casino cannot have pay-out rates under 90%, as that would be highly hinder the players’ chance to win. The established or set pay-out rate simply dictates what the game will pay out in the long term. If a game is set at 95%, that means that over the long run it will pay OUT or BACK to the player, 95% of ALL Bets received. Imagine a slot machine that receives $100,000 in wagers over 2 years (example: 100,000 spins on $1 denomination). If the casino set the pay-out rate at 95%, that equals $95,000 paid back to players. The casino is earning only $5,000 out of $100,000 wagered. The rest has been paid back to players in random combination, enabling some players to win while others lose.

The second payout rate is the actual, which means that it is what the game has actually paid out in a certain period. If taking the example above, a slot that has receive $100,000 over 2 months and has paid out $101,000 in that same period, the ACTUAL pay-out rate of the games is 101%. It has paid out 1% more than the total sum of the bets received.

Superior Casino is eager to share its actual slot pay-out rates from time to time. It reveals how the games have been paying out to players in certain periods. This month, for example, there are many games that have broken the 100% payout barrier and are paying out more, on average, than what they have received in bets this month. These are the loose slots of the moment.

What you must understand is that these are Actual Pay-out Rates, for a specific period. They are not the established pay-out rates. Superior Casino has all slots over 93% with the great majority around 96% and some close to 98%.

The payout rates below correspond to the month of March. They are a report run from March 1st to March 15th. That is to say they are retrospective and do not predict on how the games will pay out from today forward. Experience has shown us that they may continue to pay highly or may retract. It is a matter of chance.

But what is important to notice is that it’s just not a couple of games that are over 100% at any given time. This month there are over 20 casino games with positive payouts to players!

The pay-out rates for the best casino slots of the moment are:

Online Casino Game: Pay-out Rate:
Reel Party  128.50%
Dog Pound  128.43%
McMurphy (Progressive)  121.80%
Cosmic Quest Episode One  120.62%
French Cuisine (Progressive)  110.95%
Flea Market  109.34%
Jacques Pot – Gourmet Slot  108.23%
Surf Paradise  107.74%
Red Dog  106.50%
Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise  104.46%
Hobo’s Hoard  102.75%
Roll Out the Barrels  102.62%
Metal Detector  102.04%
French Cuisine  101.98%
Moonlight Mystery  101.81%
Western Wildness  101.76%
Gold Rush  101.20%
Bust-A-Vault  101.11%
Dr. Magoo  100.22%
Gunslingers Gold  100.03%

The top games of the month are without a doubt: Reel Party and Dog Pound

This is your chance to win a Free $27 CASINO BONUS!

How? We invite you to play both of the top games of the month. Simply complete 50 real money wagers on each before the end of this week. Then, on the very next Monday, you will find the $27 FREE at your cashier.

Good luck to you all and keep those Pay-Out rates on your side!

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Action-packed 3D Slot, play online: Beretta’s Vendetta

March 8th, 2011


Superior Casino releases the newest 3D slot machine, a blockbuster game with explosions, bombs, guns and Joker-like criminals. Play it free today from our No-Download Slots page.


Beretta’s Vendetta is the new release at Superior Casino. 5 Reel slots in 3D format, with electrifying soundeffects, cool animations and a thrilling theme. It deals with a special agent Beretta and his career-long obsession to trap an infamous criminal that wears a bunny suit. More than just a job, his work is now personal, namely a vendetta.

This is fast pace 3D slot with a lot of action in its reels. We find ammunition, guns, bombs, shielded cars, swat teams and detonators in its reels. Not to mention Beretta’s himself. He is also on the right side of the slot and during play you will hear him command his Swat team as they hunt down the bunny criminal.


The 3D effects burst through after every win but most visibly when the wild icon is trigger. A police chopper will fly out of the reels indicating that the wild has been activated. It will substitute for most of normal jackpot icons and create big wins.


The most exciting part of the game is when you trigger the bonus round. Get three black bank cars in one spin to access the cool bonus round. During the bonus round you will use a satellite transmission to locate bomb locations and coordinate the Swat team that will enter and defuse the bomb. This part of the 3D Slot gives a lot of coins and will increase the bankroll significantly.


This is a masterpiece in 3D slot gaming. A blockbuster to keep you at the edge of your seat!

Play Beretta’s Vendetta this week to win: FREE $20!

How? Very simple. Simply complete at least 150 real money spins on the new 3D Slot this week. If you complete these spins before Sunday, get ready to receive your $20 Free on Monday March 14th!

Simple as that! This promotion is available to all active players that have made at least one deposit at Superior Casino. The wagers must be in real money mode.

Enjoy all the 3D action and adventure with all the new 3D slot machines at Superior Casino!

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Free 3D Slots released, play the new: Fortune of the Pharaohs!

March 4th, 2011


Superior Casino launches the latest slot adventure, this time in 3D version. Play the new 3D video slot game: Fortune of the Pharaohs!


The first week of March comes with two big surprises. The new release of Fortune of Pharaohs and the action-thriller Beretta’s Vendetta (which we will be reviewing next week) become the 5th and 6th 3D slots to be released at Superior Casino. Take a look at this 3D trailer film for the Fortune of the Pharaohs:

Players will love this 3D slot not online because of its epic theme but also because it has many bonus features that quickly increase the bankroll. This 3D slot machine has 20 betting lines and up to 5 coin bets. In fun mode this game can be played from $0.20 a spin to a total of $500. It allows you feel like a true high-roller.


As you play notice the refined 3D animations as you win. It’s a very dynamic slot. As for the bonus features, there are the classic free spins which will be announced with a big sign as you play them along.


The bonus feature is the crux of the game. You will reach the interior of the Pharaoh’s chamber to collect those ageless treasures that are hidden there. Collect as many as you can without waking up the slumbering mommy.


Fortune of the Pharaohs is a new 3D slot for all players around the world. It is available in instant no-download slots mode as well as through our free casino software. Please visit us next week as we release the official release of the second 3D slot: Beretta’s Vendetta


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