Generous Online Slot Games generate over $50,000 in casino winnings!

December 28th, 2010

Generous Online Slot Games generate over $50,000 in casino winnings!

The week of Christmas has stocked up the pockets of Superior Casino players. The plentiful week going from December 20th to December 26th generated over $50,000 in profit for players at Superior, thanks to the loose pay-outs of their games. It is no surprise since the games for the entire casino have in the month of December 2010 an average payout over 96%. Some games in particular are well over 100% leaving thousands of dollars of profit in players’ hands.

The below chart shows the payout rate report for the top casino games at Superior Casino, a report run through December 1st to December 28th at noon. You are welcome to play any game for free by clicking it. That will take you to the direct no-download flash version of the slot games.

Superior Casino Game: Pay Out Rate:



Superior Casino Game: Pay Out Rate:
A Switch In Time 117.90%
Dog Pound 113.92%
So 80's 110.62%
Atomic Age 108.11%
Reel of Fortune 106.42%
Big Cash Win 103.46%
Bowled Over 101.71%
One Million Reels BC 101.52%
Reel Crime 2: Art Heist 101.49%
Cosmic Quest Episode One 100.32%
Secret Garden 100.32%
Video Poker Total 100.31%

The indisputable top game is A Switch In Time, an I-slot that was released just over a year ago. It is an innovative slot machine as it has different phases players can access. The player is given the opportunity to travel between the past, present and future and collect coins in each phase as they go along the adventure. A Switch in Time has delivered over the last week nothing less than $20,000 in profit going to players.


With loose payouts, Superior Casino slots are quickly rising into the stardom. Many players are calling Superior Slots the favorite online slots of the moment!

We invite you to play at this superb online slot in order to win a free casino bonus!

Online Casino Contest: Free $15 Chip!

Are you looking for Free Spins for online slots in real money, then this is your chance to get some. Collect $15 to play as many spins as you can cramp in that amount simply by participating in Superior Casino’s game contest.

Here’s what you have to do. Complete at least 25 real money wagers on A SWITCH IN TIME (THE FUTURE PHASE), the I-slot that has paid out the month in the current month. If you complete those easy-to-count spins, then you automatically apply to receive the $15 Free Spins Chip. The chip will appear in your promotional cashier next Monday on January 3rd.

This contest is open to all players that have made at least 1 real money deposit at Superior Casino in the past.
As 2010 draws to an end, Superior Casino invites all players from the world to partake in the excitement of playing online and winning fairly at loose slot machines and casino games.


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2011 Countdown has started with new: Reel Party Platinum Video Slot

December 22nd, 2010

Superior Casino’s simultaneous release of two new free online slots has stirred up the online casino world. This is the official slot game review for: Reel Party Platinum


We are only a few blinks of the eye away from New Year’s. What will the new 2011 bring to us all? Perhaps many riches now that we can begin celebrating the close of 2010 with the latest video slot, Reel Party Platinum.


This new video slot is the sequel to the original Reel Party. The graphics have improved considerably from the original and the music is electrifying, especially during the bonus round.

Reel Party Platinum is a 5-reel video slot accepting up to 5 coin bets and having 15 betting lines. Denominations for the machine run from penny to one dollar.


For convenience, the pay-table is separated into two separate ones. The first one (above), displays all the normal jackpots that can be accessed by getting at least 3 of the same icons lined up in a pay-line. The top jackpot is a the New Year’s hat with a total of 400 coins if you get the 5 icons in one pay-line.


The second pay-table (above), displays all the bonus features as well as the highest paying normal jackpot. The highest jackpot prize is 500 coins. Yet, there are a few things to look for as these numbers can easily rise as they can be multiplied by the bonus features. As you can see in the above pay-table, Reel Party Platinum has a wild icon (a newborn baby). This icon will quickly aid you at getting better payouts, as it will be substituted for all the normal pay-table icons. The Wild Icon itself can serve as a jackpot icon and can deliver up to 5000 coins on normal play.


The bonus round is quite simple to play. After testing the game for a few minutes we realized that the bonus round triggered often. It provides an easy opportunity to accrue more coins. All you need to do is select 3 champagne bottles out of many on a shelf; each bottle will have a secret amount of coins to be awarded for you.


Finally, the most tempting of the bonus features are the sets of free spins. The godlike icon will trigger them whenever 3 or more of them appear in a single spin, regardless of their order. All free spins have a 3x multiplier. Players can get sets of 10, 20 or even 100 free spins, if they get 3, 4 or 5 godlike icons in a spin respectively. 100 free spins with a 3x multiplier can only mean one thing: jackpot overload!


Reel Party Platinum is now being served at Superior Casino, as we count down the last days of 2010 and eagerly await the beginning of a new exciting year. Good luck!


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Official Review of Exotic new 5-reel I-slot: Japan-o-rama

December 21st, 2010

Superior Casino releases new I-SLOT: Japan-o-rama

Superior Casino launches yet again another slot that contends with the title of the best 2010 new slot game. The slot machine contender released today goes by the name of: Japan-o-Rama!


The introduction of Japan-o-Rama presents the prototypical artifacts of Japanese culture and landmarks of this country, as this is the theme of the new I-slot. You will see Sumo wrestlers, sushi rolls, Mr. Juji, and Godzilla. This will give you a foretaste of what is to come in the actual slot.


Japan-o-Rama has two paytables. The first deals with the normal jackpot prizes. These are modest in sizes signifying that the real profits comes from special wins that are displayed in the second paytable. In the second pay-table you can see the various bonus features of this slot.


This new I-slot is different from the other 16 Superior Casino has to offer. The sound-effects are more… well, Japanese. Nonetheless, it gives the slot great personality. The animations that follow significant wins are quite entertaining and reveal little cliché of Japan and its culture.


As we began playing this game to review it, it became very clear how often the wild icon can be hit. The Godzilla symbol is wild and will expand to fill the entire reel it appears in. It will help the player complete the highest possible win, as the entire reel will be substituted for the best paying icons that apply.


As we go up the bonus features, we come to the sets of Free Slot Spins. If you can get three Japanese ladies in one spin, you will trigger sets of 5 Free Spins with a 3x multiplier. But the story does not stop there. If you can get 4 Japanese ladies in a spin, you will be awarded 10 Free spins, if you get 5 ladies, then you get a total of 20 free spins. All the free spins will come with a 3x multiplier.


Finally, the bonus round is not just a single one. Japan-o-Rama i-slot offers 3 bonus rounds, albeit they are all similar. Play classic Japanese games to collect coins as these ping-pong-like balls hit jackpot centers in the game. At the end of the bonus round great amounts of coins will be awarded to the player.

Japan-o-Rama I-slot fulfills the promise of Superior Casino. They have released consistently at least one new online slot machine every month in 2010. December was a special month as they are releasing two slots, the other one being the sequel called Reel Party Platinum, which will be reviewed tomorrow right here at Superior Casino’s official Blog.


Superior Casino Game Contest ::: WIN EXTRA $10 FREE

Come play Japan-o-Rama this Xmas week to get yourself an extra $10 to play our fabulous slots. Simply complete 10 real money wagers on this new I-slot before the week ends. On Monday December 27th you will receive the extra $10 Free at your cashier for your ongoing pleasure at Superior Casino games.

We wish everyone a Merry X-Mas and Happy Holidays.


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Wonder slot machines – guaranteed loose pay-out slots.

December 14th, 2010

If you are wondering where to play this holiday season then you should read this. It has been an extremely pleasant surprise to those players that are already playing at

While playing online slots, video poker, table games such as Pag Gow Poker or Craps; these players have been able to reap winnings of shocking proportion.

There was no premeditated action by Superior Casino management to raise the payout percentages of the games. The games by their own accord have paid consistently for the month of December at over 96% for the entire casino. It is a jolly season for players as they are getting their holiday gifts a few weeks before the festivities.

The following chart displays the online casino games with over 100% Payout: (click on the games to play them for free, as no download slots)

Game Name:


Dog Pound


Atomic Age


A Switch In Time


Rock On


Pigskin Payout


Bowled Over


One Million Reels BC


Cosmic Quest Episode One


Secret Garden


Reel Crime 2: Art Heist 


Metal Detector


Gold Rush


Hobo's Hoard


Aces and Faces


As the Reels Turn 1 


Pai Gow


So 80's




It is important that you play them while they are hot!

Furthermore, Superior Casino is about to release two new video-slot games next week. Here is a teaser preview of both games, Japan-o-Rama and Reel Party Platinum.

Japan-o-Rama video slot (teaser image):

Reel Party Platinum video slot (teaser also):


Casino Game Contest::: Play to win FREE $13 TOKEN!

Now that the heat is on at Superior Casino, we invite all players to participate in this week’s game contest. One of the top 3 games in the above list (Dog Pound, Atomic Age, A Switch In Time) will be the lucky trigger for the Free $13 Bonus.

This is how it works. During this week, complete at least 25 real money spins on the secretly chosen trigger game of those three. If you complete the 25 wagers on the lucky game we have already secretly selected, on Monday December 20th you will find Free $13 Casino Chip in your cashier. Just like that!
Come back next week as we release the official reviews of video slots Japan-o-Rama and Reel Party Platinum slot!


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3D Video Slots are here: Crazy Jewelry and Dr. Magoo’s Adventure

December 8th, 2010

Superior Casino invites you to play the first free 3D slot machines.

Click the following images to play these amazing 3D casino games, enjoy the great film introduction to each of the slot games.

Crazy Jewelry 3D Video Slot:


Dr. Magoo’s Adventure 3D Video Slot:



The magic, thrill and sheer entertainment of 3D slots is finally here, at the one and only Superior Casino!


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