July Sum Up for loose slot machines at Superior Casino!

July 27th, 2010

The month of July 2010 is almost over and now we can glance back from this vantage point and view how Superior Casino’s online games paid out for this period. To interpret these numbers is quite simple. See, the payout rate percentage represents the amount of winnings paid out to players when compared to the bets it has received. So, for example, if you look at AS THE REELS TURN 3, the game has an amazing 126.60% payout. If the game received, say, $100,000 in wagers this month, then the game has paid out $126,600 in winnings. In other words, players are making more profit than the casino on games like these!

Have a look at the top paying games for July 2010, up to July 27th:

Our new game All Aboard has been performing very well with a payout rate of 98.96%, very close to 100%.

We invite players to play the new railway fantasy 5-reel video slot: All Aboard

All Aboard 5-reel Slot

Complete at least 25 real money spins on this game before Sunday August 1st. On the following Monday be ready to collect:

Free $7 Casino Contest Token!

As easy as that, free casino money for our cherished players!

(this token is given only to players that have full promotions allowed at the casino and have made at least 1 deposit this year)


Movia Trivia Blog

Do you remember this classic movies of the 30's:

[audio:http://blog.superiorcasino.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Movie-Trivia-July-27.mp3|titles=Movie Trivia July 27]

Visit our: MOVIE TRIVIA WEBPAGE and learn how to win FREE $10!


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Official Review of ALL ABOARD: the new railroad online 5-reel video slot!

July 22nd, 2010


Superior Casino departs into new territory with the new 5-reel video slot: ALL ABOARD

All Aboard 5-reel Slot

A modern railway slot that will appeal to players of all ages. With wacky characters and cozy sound-effects, you’ll have a blast once you get into the choo-choo rhythm of All Aboard Slot.


This new video slot is a low-risk slot, otherwise known as a low-variance slot. What this means is that there are not huge jackpots to be paid out between long intervals; on the contrary, small to medium-sized jackpots are paid out constantly, so that the player can enjoy hours without busting out. Don’t expect to make a huge amount of profit on this game. Rather, look for a medium jackpot after bonus rounds or free spins that you can later on cash out.

Free Spins for all!


We all love free spins and ALL ABOARD has plenty of them. The Casey Jones symbol is going to trigger sets of free spins with multiplier. It depends on how many Casey Jones you can get in one particular spin. Two or less will not trigger any of the free spins, but, on the other hand, if you get 3 you will receive 10 free spins with a 2x multiplier. If you get 4 Casey Jones icons, then go wild with 20 free spins on 3x multiplier payouts. Finally, getting a Casey Jones icon on each reel will set off a total of 40 free spins with a whopping 4x multiplier!

Locomotive Wild Icon


The Locomotive symbol is wild and will appear on the first and second reel. This icon will be substituted for any other icon on the pay-table except the (free spins Casey Jones icon and the bonus round icon). When the wild icon goes off it will expand to fill the entire reel. The win is immediately multiplied by 2, doubling any figure from the pay-table.

Box Car Bonus


A very simple bonus round. All you have to do is click on the train’s box cars and open them to find big lumps of coins in there. There are a total of 10 box cars and 9 out of those 10 have coin prizes. The bonus round will go on until you click on the box car that does not have coins in it. On average you can earn 2,500 coins during the bonus round, with lucky instances at over 5,000. And don’t worry if you don’t get many box cars on your first try, the bonus round is triggered constantly through one’s play. During the first 30 minutes of our testing of the game for this review, we hit the bonus round no less than 5 times.

Players of our online casino may find a sumptuous bonus at the casino cashier for this new game. Boarding now for unlimited hours of fun!


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Brand-new casino website for Superior Casino!

July 20th, 2010

Superior Casino has released today a completely renovated website for their gambling center. Visit www.superiorcasino.com to have a look at the new stylish design that places Superior Casino amongst the avant-garde of the online casino industry.

Picture 7

Every webpage of Superior’s site has been fully upgraded, with new sharp designs, clever layout and attractive content. The design is not the only aspect that has changed; Superior Casino has also upgraded their Welcome Casino Promotions for new players. Now, new players don’t only receive 3 welcome deposit bonuses, they receive a total of 5 with up to $5,000 in FREE BONUS CASH!

Here is a description of the new welcome promotions available in US Dollars, Euro, British Pounds and South African Rand:

1st Deposit: 100% Match Bonus up to $1000
2nd Deposit Reload:
150% Second Match up $900

Then player can claim 3 Premium Reloads:

3rd Deposit: 75% 1st Premium Reload up to $1500
4th Deposit:
55% 2nd Premium Reload up to $1100
5th Deposit: 50% 3rd Premium Reload up to  $500

The new Superior Casino site also offers a Refer-a-Friend promotion!

Receive a $50 CASHABLE Bonus (no wagering requirements, once credited it is yours to cash out!) by referring friends to the casino. If your friends make a deposit of $25 or higher, contact Stephen Vaughn at host@superiorcasino.com and he will credit $50 directly into your account’s balance, with no restrictions of any kind!

Finally, the new Flash Instant Casino Games lobby has been revamped to make it easy to identify the games you love. Scroll through the different categories of the games and view small image previews of each game, before you decide which game to play. Once you’ve set your eyes on a jewel, click the game to play instantly within seconds!

Movia Trivia Blog

Let's go back to that hilariously frightening movie… you know, the scary one. Guess from which movie we took this audio clip and get a chance to win $13 FREE! Visit MOVIE TRIVIA PAGE!

[audio:http://blog.superiorcasino.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Movie-Trivia-July-201.mp3|titles=Movie Trivia July 20]

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Superior Casino top games for July 2010 break 99% Payout Rate!

July 13th, 2010

Two main announcements this week. First, best payout rates for games this month. Secondly, the upcoming release of the new cozy 5-reel video slot: All Aboard.

Superior Casino is happy to share their payout rates from time to time. Many players enjoy reading about which games are loose and may help them achieve their desired profits. In the month of July 2010, there have been mixed results with games, many staying around their average of 95%. However, some games are breaking the coveted 99% Payout Rate, including some of Superior Casino’s top-notch slot machines:

• Penguin Payday  July Top Game at:  131.98%
• Atomic Age  July Top Game at:  129.19%
• Strike Gold  July Top Game at:  113.69%
• Shamrock Isle  July Top Game at:  106.23%
• Scary Rich  July Top Game at:  105.51%
• Rock On  July Top Game at:  103.95%
• Psychedelic Sixties July Top Game at:  103.89%
• Jacks or Better July Top Game at:  103.16%
• Chicken Little July Top Game at:  102.38%
• Metal Detector  July Top Game at:  101.49%

Now, for our sneak peek at the latest online casino slot machine: All Aboard


Coming next week. All details and full review will be released here at Superior Casino’s official blog!
New Game Contest this week!

Let’s return to a classic I-slot golf game, a favorite for many: Hole in Won!

Interactive Casino Slot

Interactive Casino Slot

This fantastic I-slot has 9 different bonus rounds, the 9-hole mini-golf course. Get a birdie or eagle on each bonus round and top jackpots!

I-Slot Bonus Round

I-Slot Bonus Round

Place 18 real money bets (spins) on this slot this week, before Sunday July 18th and find at your cashier this very next Monday: $9 FREE GAME TOKEN!

Extra Free Spins for long hours of fun!

 Movia Trivia Blog

Can you guess what Marvel movie this is:

[audio:http://blog.superiorcasino.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Movie-Trivia-July-13.mp3|titles=Movie Trivia July 13]

Send your guess, click here for your Superior Casino Free No-Deposit Bonus!


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World Cup Frenzy reaches zenith at Superior Casino!

July 6th, 2010

Only four more games left at the World Cup, within hours from the first semi-final between Netherlands and Uruguay. As we get closer to the end, Superior Casino’s team has prepared the best promotion in the online casino industry. Existing players this week get a 123% World Cup Finale Bonus up to $1230. Upon completing this bonus, player receive two consecutives tokens of $5!

There are internal raffles for the last games of the world cup. Be sure to check your email and don’t miss any good offer. Always have support@superiorcasino.com in your email contact list, so you don’t miss out on all our great promotional emails.


Furthermore, this week we want to try something completely new. We are going to raise the stakes for Global Cup Soccer, our World-Cup-themed 3-reel slot. Here’s what we’re offering our players this week:


Play our exciting Global Cup Soccer and try to get the top paying jackpot of 2500 coins. That’s the one with 3 referees on max bet. If you get that jackpot, we’re going to DOUBLE IT!

That’s right, if you get the highest prize of Global Cup Soccer, simply contact Stephen Vaughn at host@superiorcasino.com and he will manually double the amount won on the top jackpot prize of 2500. In other words, if you get that jackpot you are automatically entitled to 5000 coins! (2500 that the game will pay out immediately and 2500 coins you will get added on manually by the casino host).

Do you have what it takes to reach the top? This is your chance to prove it!


Movia Trivia Blog

Do you recognize this new movie audio clip?

[audio:http://blog.superiorcasino.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Movie-Trivia-July-6th.mp3|titles=Movie Trivia July 6th]

Participate for Free $10 this week, at our Movie Trivia Page!

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