Match Casino Bonus for all players!

June 30th, 2009

As a new Independence Day draws near, we will set the mood with a series of casino match bonuses! Players this week are in for some special treats, starting today.

New Players to the casino can receive for their 1st deposit:

500% Bonus up to $500

Plus $77 Free credit will be added to your cashier if you complete the bonus before June 6th.

Active players can start this week with a 175% Weekly Match up to $175. Then stick around for the huge Independence Match Promo on Saturday. And to top off the Independence weekend, we have another match promo on Sunday. It will be a week to remember!

::: MOVIE TRIVIA ::: (Expires July 7th at noon Eastern Time)

In what Jim Carrey movie was this line spoken: “No, it wasn’t me… it was the one-armed man”

a) The Mask
b) Ace Ventura
c) Bruce Almighty
d) The number 23

Answer correctly to receive Free $7 TOKEN and a 100% Reload Bonus at your cashier!

To apply for the trivia rewards you must fit these criteria:

1) Have made a deposit within the last two months (since May 1st)
2) Have your account in good standing, with promotions allowed
3) Have not received more than 2 no-deposit bonuses since your last deposit

Send your answer to to Stephen Vaughn. You will receive your rewards within 24 hours on weekdays only.

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Strike Gold Progressive Jackpot Winner at Superior Casino!

June 23rd, 2009

As I was writing the new blog for this week, we just had a winner for the Progressive Slot Machine, Strike Gold, here at Superior Casino!

Mrs. Karen K. has just hit the $48,989.10 STRIKE GOLD PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT minutes ago at Superior Casino! Congratulations on this spectacular win!

We are surprised once again by how well the games have been paying this month. We’ve had some of our most spectacular winners in June thanks to loose slot games. Especially our game Pigskin Payout, a 5-reel video slot that has been unstoppable.

For the month of June the game has paid out over $60,000 in winnings! Also, our new progressive 5-reel slot machine Money Magic is giving out a lot of smiles to our players.

So, with so much action going on, here’s a report of the top games’ payout from June 1st to June 23rd:

Strike Gold is paying out at 500.42% thanks to the Progressive Jackpot just won!
Pigskin Payout paying out at 115.16%
Big Cash Win paying out at 104.77%
Scary Rich 2 paying out at 101.94%
Love and Money paying out at 102.19%
Vegas Jackpot Keno paying out at 104.45%
Secret Garden paying out at 101.59%
Money Magic paying out at 102.26%

Come join the fun this week as we have three match promotions for active players and a huge 300% Bonus up to $600 for new players. New Players also receive extra Free $50 in their cashier if they complete their welcome bonus before June 29th

::: Movie Trivia ::: (expires midday June 30th EST)

In the 2008 movie Seven Pounds, Tim Thomas (portrayed by Will Smith) commits suicide by:

a) Jumping into a tank full of sharks
b) Producing a deadly car crash
c) Shooting himself
d) Stinging himself with a JellyFish

Your correct answer will win you Free $11 plus a 125% Trivia Reload.

Players can participate as long as they meet these criteria:

a) Have least one deposit in the last two months (since April 15th 2009)
b) Account in good standing with promos allowed
c) Have not received more than 2 no-deposit bonuses (token, cashback, etc) since last deposit.

Stephen Vaughn will receive answers at Please do not email support for this as they do not handle the trivia contest. Stephen will normally answer within 24 hours during weekdays.

Enjoy this closing week of June with all our loose casino games!

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$8 Free Casino Bonus Trivia Contest!

June 16th, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, a new exciting week is here and Superior will splurge you with a combination of unbeatable promotions. This week we will have several MATCH promotions in your cashier, not including our trivia bonuses.

New players can receive this week a 400% Bonus up to $400 for this 1st deposit.

Active Players currently have a 100% Bonus up to $200 at their cashier.

Make the best of this week, as we’re again having a good streak of winners and this may be your lucky break. We also want to congratulate Mrs. Janice H. from California for winning over $25,000 on a $200 deposit just yesterday alone!

::: MOVIE TRIVIA ::: (expires June 23rd at noon EST)

In the classic Steven Spielberg movie “Close Encounters of a Third Kind”, the final scene with extraterrestrials takes place on a famous mountain in which US state?

a) Indiana
b) Montana
c) Wyoming
d) New Mexico

Correct answers will get $8 Free in the cashier plus a 150% Trivia Reload.

You may participate if you satisfy these criteria:

1) Have least one deposit in the last two months (since April 15th 2009)
2) Account in good standing with promos allowed
3) Have not received more than 2 no-deposit bonuses (token, cashback, etc) since last deposit.

Stephen Vaughn at will be waiting for your answers. Please allow him up to 24 hours to reply on weekdays.

Hope you all have a fun time with all our casino bonuses!

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Renovated 3-Reel Slot machines at Superior Online Casino!

June 9th, 2009

The excitement of playing online 3-reel slots will never be the same once you try our updated and renovated 3-reel slots. Experience new sound-effects, full-screen animations, and improved background sounds. The following games have been fully renovated:

Big Cash Win
Chicken Little
Fantastic Fruit
Flea Market
Gold Rush
Milk the Cash Cow
Sevens and Bars
Surf Paradise

Here’s a sample of some of the new win animations for some these games:




There are many other new animations for every game, including the completely renovated Chicken Little slot game. The only way for you to discover all the new features is to play the game. Click on the games above to play directly from our website. Or visit our No-Download Lobby page:

                                 Click here to play all our amazing slot machines and video poker games – no download required!
:::: MOVIE TRIVIA ::::  (expires June 15th at midnight EST)

In the Ben Stiller movie Tropic Thunder, the foul-spoken movie executive who keeps oversight of the production of the movie within this movie, is portrayed by:

a) Matthew McConaughey
b) Nick Nolte
c) Owen Wilson
d) Tom Cruise

By answering correctly you will receive in your cashier: $12 FREE and a 175% BONUS RELOAD!

To apply you must have:
1) At least one in the last two months (since April 1st)
2) Account in good standing with promos allowed
3) Not received more than 2 no-deposit bonuses (token, cashback, etc) since last deposit.

Your Host, Stephen Vaughn will credit the bonuses to your cashier. Send your answer to Please allow up to 24 hours for a reply during weekdays.

Answer our Trivia Now so you can play all our newest 3-reel slots!

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Money Magic – new 5-reel progressive slot machine!

June 2nd, 2009

Attention progressive slot fanatics, we are very excited about the latest new game in our collection. Enter a world full of magic and riches…


This is one beautiful 5-reel slots with a big progressive jackpot. It starts at $2,500 and will quickly grow within the first few days.

This slot game has scatter icons with magical animations when they produce winnings. Also, the progressive jackpot icon when appearing in a winning line doubles the win. If you get all five of them on a max coin bet, the progressive jackpot is yours!

This game is currently available at your download casino version. It will soon be appearing in our Instant Play page. To check all our other games, click here:

 Click here to play online casino slots and video poker -- no download required!

::: MOVIE TRIVIA ::: (expires June 9th at noon Eastern Time US)

In the movie X-men (2000), which mutant is able to transform her shape into any other mutant or person:

a) Rogue
b) Mystique
c) Storm
d) Jean Grey

Answer correctly to receive a FREE $10 COURTESY CHIPS BONUS plus a 100% RELOAD on your next deposit.

Players that can apply:

1) That have deposited at least one in the last two months (since April 1st)
2) Account in good standing with promos allowed
3) Has not received more than 2 no-deposit bonuses (token, cashback, etc) since last deposit.

Stephen Vaughn is waiting for you answers at Please allow him up to 24 hours to reply within weekdays.

Enjoy this week full of match promos and new games at Superior Casino!

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