An introduction to Poker

July 30th, 2008

An introduction to Poker
by Jean Real

Poker has become a new favorite game for most casino-goers. However, the experience can be intimidating as you play and bet against other real people and understanding the game is a must if you are playing against experienced players. Although Poker is an exciting game it is not made for all people. Some of the excitement can be rescued however if you try our Video Poker machines, that reproduce the rules of a normal poker game but you play against the casino software and not against real opponents. Heres some information that can help both new and experienced players win at Video Poker.

Most people are unaware that Video Poker has one of the highest payback rates of all casino games. Over the long-run games like Jacks or Better pay back 99.5% of the bets they receive. Others like Deuces Wild, that have wild cards making it easier to create winning hands, have payback rates of nearly 100%. However, to take advantage of this your skill is required and you must play with the optimal strategy to get the best results.

Take for example, Joker Poker. Heres what you are likely to receive on your first draw hand:

Cards / Chance of getting
One Pair of Tens or less 42.34%
One Pair of Jacks or higher 14.19%
Two Pairs 4.83%
Three of a Kind 2.21%
Straight 0.71%
Flush 0.27%
Full House 0.15%
Four of a kind 0.03%
Straight/Royal Flush 0.01%

The better the hand, the better payout you will be getting but this does not mean that you will always try to aim for the highest paying hands. This is a mayor mistake when playing at Video Poker. You must try 90% of the time to get the closest winning hand to your initial draw hand since there is a higher chance of getting lower-paying hands than the higher-paying.

On Video Poker single pairs of 9s or below dont pay, most people prefer to hold a Jacks or higher card than to keep a pair of 3s in their initial hand. The optimal strategy here however is to hold the low-card pair and click on the deal button hoping to turn that initial pair into a three-of-a-kind. Otherwise you will only have less than 14% chance of getting that Jacks or higher card, while you will have more than 18% chance of getting the three-of-a-kind.

Another common mistake is to try to get a flush when you already have a winning pair in your initial hand. For example, if you have a King/spades, 7/spades, 5/spades, 9/spades and a King/diamonds. Some people prefer to drop the diamond king to get the higher-paying flush than to keep the certain 1-for-1 win. The odds are not too bad for getting that flush (20%), however, this must be done rarely, once every 10 similar hands, to ensure the best pay back rates.

If you have a winning pair in your initial hand plus a high kicker card (J,Q,K,A), throw the kicker out before you deal. Dont keep the kicker card, as in Video Poker this is not a good strategy. Its better to take the risk for a three-of-a-kind or better hand, than to try to get the two pair.

Finally, if your initial hand has no low pair or high card, hold no card and deal for five new cards. The only exception would be if you have at least 3 cards for a straight or flush.

With these tips in view your Video Poker experience may improve. Join now to play any of our 7 Video Poker machines with multiple-hand and double-down options.

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Can you handle the Reel Crime?

July 23rd, 2008

Can you handle the Reel Crime?
by Jean Real

Statistics have shown that 7 out of 10 bank robberies fail. There is always something that goes wrong in the end and spoils the crime. Thats why the Big Boss needs your professional help because tonight youre taking over the National Bank!

Dont sweat it, we dont want to get your into any kind of trouble. Thats why our I-Slot machine Reel CrimeBank Heist is here to simulate the nerve-racking excitement of criminal activities. The games plan is very simple, to rob a national bank. If you are able to do so, youll have enough cash to play for weeks at Superior Casino or cashout for a nice early holiday trip.

Reel Crime takes place in the 1950s as a two crime partners decide on their next heist. The very first goal you have is to get 3 Tommy-Guns icons to enter the first bonus round. After that your fate is uncertain since there are multiple endings to this plot. In the Tommy-Gun bonus round you can shoot several objects outside the main doors of the National Bank. Collect coins as you hit these objects without setting off the alarm. One of the objects has the hidden key to the bank and will allow you to enter the second phase of the game. Next, you will need to open the safe before the cops catch you red-handed. If you can beat those sneaky cops youll have to blow the vault open and get away with a car full of cash.

Reel Crime has been designed so you can win even when things dont turn out so well. There are free-spins icons, multipliers, and a few other surprises that will convince you that crime does pay! (just dont let the Reel cops hear you)

Login in at Superior Casino and experience the next generation of slot machines.

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I-slot Mania? What’s it all about?

July 9th, 2008

I-slot Mania? What’s it all about?
By Jean Real

As you’d expect every now and then there are great leaps forward in every technology and online slot machines were no exception. The innovative I-Slots series have transformed the very nature of slot machines. Superior Casino is proud to be at the epicenter of this new and exciting epoch; and guess what, you’ll be part of each step of the way!

Traditionally, slot machines required an effortless pull of the lever (or click of a button) while you quietly sit for a random result. This is no longer the case for I-slot machines. With the inclusion of storylines to the game, multiple plot endings chosen by the player, bonus rounds that require your skill and imagination, and laugh-out-loud animations; you’ll be in for quite a ride!

The last couple of weeks we’ve been describing the curious affairs of El Paradiso, the scene of As the Reels Turn, a favorite I-Slot game amongst our customers. Not only does it have three different bonus rounds when getting three scattered icons during any spin, you can also advance from scene to scene and unwind the mysterious plot. For every two scenes you advance there will be an extra bonus round, a golden opportunity to earn thousands and thousands of chips!

Our goal is for you to get maximum entertainment value for every spin, but that’s not all. Here’s a tip to help you load-up on some casino chips!

TIP: Been spinning those I-slots reels and haven’t had a bonus round for a while. It’s very likely it will come soon. Raise your coin value, from say, $0.01 to $0.05 and spin for five turns with that higher value. Why? Because if that bonus round is just about to come you will win the bonus round chips in the higher denomination. You know what that means, more money in your pocket longer playtime! Try this until you get the hang of it. If the bonus round doesn’t come while you raised the bets, return to your normal betting level and wait a while until you raise it again. When that bonus round finally comes around you’ll be happy to win 500 coins in 5 cents value rather than a penny each.

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Introducing: Jacques Pot a Gourmet Slot

July 2nd, 2008

Introducing: Jacques Pot a Gourmet Slot
By Jean Real

Sniff, what’s that smell? It seems like Superior Casino has been cooking something. You smell it? Yes, you’re one appetite away from the exquisite feast that’s starting this summer. Today, fresh out of the oven, Superior Casino is thrilled to present the next main course for Video Slots gaming. Introducing Jacques Pot, the lively and delicious new game for slots aficionados.

Your host, a burger-specialist Chef Jacques, invites you to his cozy kitchen to join him in the production of gourmet dishes. And we can surely say this is a gourmet video-slot game: select up to 20 lines per spin and bet up to 10 coins per line! And to spice things up, every touch of salt and pepper you add to your spins by getting salt and pepper shakers icons, will activate the expanding wild feature multiplying winning lines up to 1, 2 or 3 times!

Complete with scattered icons triggering 10 free spins with a 2x multiplier, all your expanding wilds will double their already boosted profits. During the free spins feature Chef Jacques himself will make an appearance and if you get three of his icons in one free spin you’ll enter the Burger Creation Bonus Round. Use your mouse to move the hamburger’s patty in order to catch toppings as they fall from the top of your screen. At the end of the round our plump Chef will serve as critic and remunerate you handsomely for your excellent skills at hamburger-making!!

Crave no more, login and begin the feast!

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