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November 29th, 2012



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October 28th, 2010

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How to play Mamma Mia Betsoft slot

September 26th, 2019

Italian food is an international thing, a chef with a great kitchen and dishes sounds like a great plan in any context, in reel games, this isn’t an exception. This game has combined a reel with the experience of an international chef, who needs to impress a critic. Let’s see all about this tempting 3D slot!

How does this work?

This game is equipped with 30 paylines, it’s up to you the number of lines you wanna activate for the game, as well as several special features that will let you taste all the good stuff it has within.

You can play the game in three different ways, first, you can spin the wheel simply using the Spin button immediately, if you do that you will be using the standard bet configuration. A coin size of 0.10, 30 paylines activated and a bet per line in level 1. The second option would be, you set the bet configurations as you wish, you may pick the coin size from several options as 0.01, 0.02, 0.03, 0.04, 0.05, 0.10, 0.15, 0.20, 0.25, 0.50 and 1.00. You can select the bet per line from 5 different levels, from 1 to 5. All wins will be multiplied for the level of the bet per line you have activated. And finally, the payline number you wanna have active, keep in mind that the more paylines activated you have the more are chances to win.

The third one option to play the game is by using the max bet button, this one will let you bet the max bet rate possible in just one spin, as the bet is the highest you have more chances of getting a high win amount.

Another feature this reel has is an autoplay mode, this feature is to let the computer play for you. In order to use it, you need to set the autoplay configuration first, this set includes the number of lines you wanna use, the coin size, the bet per line and the number of automatic spins you wanna let the computer to play for you. This mode will let you not only try your luck by using the computer but also you will have the chance to do some extra activities while the wheel spins.

How does the board work?

The main game controls are located on the downer side of the board, there you will find the coin size menu, the select lines button where you can pick the number of lines you wanna activate, the bet per line button, the Spin and the Max Bet button. Under these buttons, there are two small screens where you will see the current bet and the max bet if you push that button.

On the upper side, there’s a different story, here you will see the autoplay button and the sound on/off button at the left of the screen. At the right you will see the View Pays button, this one will lead you to a new screen where there are all the payout information and special game features.

Pays and Symbols

This reel pays from left to right and all line pays are multiplied by the line bet. As I said it before, this game has 30 paylines you can activate. One of the special game features is the Pizza Free Spins. If you get 3 or more pizza symbols on any reel in any position you will trigger this feature. You will make a pizza with the chef in this funny feature.

Another great feature is the Food Cover Click me! 3 or more cake symbols in any position on any reel trigger this feature, choose one of the clickable covers to reveal the credit prize hidden inside. Finally, the Critic Bonus Round, Get 3 or more Menu symbols on any reel in any position to trigger the critic bonus round. Help the chef to decide for the perfect dish to serve and be scored on 4 criteria by the chef!

Symbols pay from 250 to 2500. On free Spin mode, there are some special symbols that pay from 250 to 5000.

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Magic Shoppe 3D Slot at Superior Casino

September 25th, 2019

Magic Shoppe is here to create an excellent mix between magic and the betting world. This 3-reel slot is actually quite interesting as possesses one of the most entertaining plots out there. Let’s see how to play it and the main characteristics of the 3D game!

How to play it?

This reel has 25 paylines and pays from left to right, only the highest pay wins. All lines pay multiplied by bet line. First, in order to play this game, you need to settle the bet configuration you wanna have, i.e. There are several coin sizes, so you need to pick one among all the options (0.01, 0.02, 0.03, 0.04, 0.05, 0.15, 0.20, 0.25, 0.50 and 1.00). The same with the bet per line configuration, you’re gonna pick from some options from 1 to 5, remember as I said it before, all lines pay multiplied by bet line, so the higher the option the more chances of a big win that you’ll have.

Once you settle all the bet according to the above you will use the Spin button. However, if you consider yourself a person of risks, you can always use the Max bet button, this way you actually don’t have to configure anything as the option will do this by itself with a bet of 125$ by default.

Another “mode” you will find on this reel is the Double up mode, this one will give you the opportunity to double up your wins on a simple Heads and Tails game against the house. In a special screen, you’ll pick if you wanna bet 50% or 100% of your wins, the you will pick the coin side, and luck will decide the rest.

As the previous “mode” we find as well an Autoplay option, this will allow you to technically let the computer play for you the number of spins you prefer. In a menu, you will select the ber per line you wanna have, the coin size, and the number of spins you wanna let the computer to play for you. Finally, the max loss in cash or a winning amount to stop in if you reach it.

How does the board work?

This board is actually very simple yet classy in the design. All the main controls are on the downer side of the screen. From left to right you will find the sound inactivation or activation button, then the settings menu where you will configure: background music (enable or disable all game background music), Sound FX (enable or disable all game sound effects), Turboplay (A faster playing mode that will inactivate most of the animations in order to have a faster game), and Disable Expandicon (animations will prevent normal win icons animations from playing).

Next to these buttons, there are the “Bet per line” and the “Chose coin size” menu. In the middle of the main controls, there is a small screen where you can see the bet you placed and the wins you have. After this, the Max bet and the Spin button. Finally, the Double up, the Autoplay, and the Question mark buttons. This question mark will take you to another screen where you will see all the payout table and all the betting options and combinations.

Icons and winnings

Inside some boxes there are the sun and the moon power icons, if you find three of the same kind anywhere on the reel, thia will trigger free spins. The red boxes X3 give 3 sun spins, X4 gives 6 and x5 give 12, same case with the blue ones. Each spin guarantee a pay line win or an additional feature triggered.

Other special features are the magic wand icon, if you get 3 or more icons anywhere on the reel it will trigger some wilds. If three or more wand icons land on view, all magic wand, sun and moon boxes icons will turn into wilds. The wild icon replaces all icons except for the free spin icons and the magic wand icons.

Special icons pay from 200 to 1,000 and the regular ones from 50 to 150.

This game offers plenty of opportunities to win, try it now, I’m sure you will love it.

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LOST an awesome 3D Slot at Superior Casino

September 23rd, 2019

Brought directly from the ancient Egypt, Lost is a game that is here to blow your mind! With tons of treasures and full of antiques, this reel is going to make you rich if you are up to some adventure in the way. Lost is a 3D SLOT MACHINE that has in it a brand new set of payout multiplier, it comes with 30 lines that will make you rich, and all of this mixed with an astonishing plot for you to enjoy. Let’s see the main details of the game!

How to play it?

As most of the reels, the magic starts with the “Spin” button, this one will activate the reel and from there fun is going to take place. If you are a risk lover and you wanna take your chances to the fullest, the “Max Bet” button is your thing. Just remember, the Max Bet is a 150 $ bet. This game is equipped with 30 paylines, a beautiful amount, right? the payout is awarded from left to right and all paylines are multiplied by a line bet. Major fact, Malfunction voids all plays and pays.

If you wanna change a bit your bets, you need to select the coin size among different options, this is 0.10, 0.15, 0.20, 0.25, 0.50 and 1.00. In addition to this, you need to select the number of paylines you wanna play with and the bet per lines that you would use which could be 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. The minimum bet may be 1 and the highest 150. Remember, the more paylines you activate the more chances of winning you have.

How does the board work?

This board is quite simple, so tundersatnding it is actually a piece of cake. On the upside of the board there are two main options, one for Sound which will activate or deactivate the game’s audio, and one for viewing the pays menu, where all the payout options are explained in detail.

On the other hand, when it comes to the main controls this is something you can find at the downside of the board. From right to left, you’ll find the Max Spin button, and the autoplay one. This autoplay option will let you play by using an automatic mode that works by defining the number of automatic spins, the max loss, and an automatic stop if it reaches a specific winning amount. Next to these buttons, there is the Spin button (regular play), the bet per line, the lines slection area, and finally the coin size selection.


The highest symbol pays 2,500 credits and is our adventurer main character. The other symbols pay around 1,000 and 250 credits. The special features of this amazing game are centered in the wild reel and the Monkey click me. The first one will initiate if you get the Staff symbol on any position on the center reel, this way the icon will expand to take up the center reel, serving as a 2x wild reel for all symbols except for the bonus round and the monkey click me.

Monkey click me it’s the second one, get the icon on any part of the 4 reels to trigger the feature, Join this little friend who will be jumping in the reel and collecting the prizes you win by turning the slots you selected.

Something extra you will find here is that after each win you will get an extra spin, this extra spin will trigger a multiplier and this multiplier will increase from 1x to 5x after every win.

Finally, for extra excitement let’s help the relic hunter to find the treasure on a bonus round, this one will initiate if you get 4 special eye icons. You have to help the relic hunter to select a door and watch the prizes you will find in there. But be aware, legend says those doors are full of angry mommies, so you better be carefull.

This game has everything to go crazy about! Starting with huge payline amounts, incredible features, and an amazing plot, so don’t wait too much to try it out, you can be sure this is going to be a one-of-a-kind experience.

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Legend of the Nile the super Betsoft slot at Superior Casino

September 19th, 2019

Legend of the Nile is a game created out of divine inspiration. This 3D slot combines excellent features with all of the power of ancient gods in a fully Egyptian plot that is going to capture your attention from the minute you play it. Also, this game is equipped with an incredible design and many almighty surprises for you to enjoy.

This game is a cluster game which pays the highest win only per cluster and all the cluster pays are multiplied by the bet level you pick, simple right? Let’s see the best way to play it, and the details behind it!

How to play it?

The first thing we need to do in order to play Legend of the Nile is to pick the size of the coin we’re going to be betting with, this can go from 0.01 to 1.00. Right after this, we need to select the bet per line that we will be using (From 1 to 5) which, in this case, will act as a multiplier on the winning line.

With all this settled now what we need to do is to press the “Spin” button in order to start the reeling. Let’s keep in mind that our winnings will be related to the betting numbers we previously selected. On the other hand, if we’d like to take it to another level we can always press the “Max Bet” button in order to bet $150 by default.

Similarly, there’s an option called autoplay that will allow you to play automatically after you set some preferences such as a Max loss in Cash, a number of spins, or a cash amount to stop in.

How does the board work?

On the left side of the board you’ll find a meter just aside of the Ra’s logo. Each Ra symbol on the reel will increase the Ra power, this awards are accumulative. X8 will give you 8 free spins, X9 +2 free spins, X12 +2 free spins, X15 +3 free spins, X17 X400 total bet, and X20 Progressive Jackpot. the probability of hitting the jackpot is in proportion to the bet amount, the greater the bet, the greater the chance.

Up next to Ra there is an Anubis logo, if you get more than 4 of this you will win a prize and will advance the Anubis trail. After this, there is the Isis’ logo, if you get more than 4 of this you will win a prize and will advance the Isis trail.

In the lower side of the board, we have the main controls, from left to right you’ll see, the audio button. Then the configuration button with which you can enable or disable all the background music, Enable or disable all game sound effects, and activate the Turboplay mode, which will cause many animations not to play or play at a much faster rate, resulting in a faster spinning time.

Next to these ones, we have the coin size menu and the bet level. In the middle, there is a screen where you’ll see your bet and your wins, and right next to that the Max Bet button, the Spin button, and the autoplay button.

This game also has a “Double up” option, this will basically double up your winnings if you win a Heads or Tales play.

Symbols and pays

Ra, Anubis and Isis are the main icons on this reel, all of them have great winning opportunities. Ra, for example. One or more Ra symbols award a cash prize and advance the Ra Power Bar. X1 pays 1, X2, pays 2, X3 pays 4, X4 pays 5, X5 pays 8 and so on. Till X20+ which pays 100.

Anubis, 4+Anubis symbols award a prize and advance the Anubis TRail. These pays are from X4 pays 10 to X20+ pays 5000. On the Anubis trail each time you win, Anubis cluster adds to the Anubis feature bet amount the larger the cluster, the larger the contribution. And if you get 4 Isis symbols award a prize and advance the Isis trail. Pays are from x4 which pays 10 to x20+ pays 2.000. On the Isis trail each time you win, Isis cluster adds to the Isis feature bet amount the larger the cluster, the larger the contribution.

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Kawaii Kitty a 3D Betsoft Slot at Superior Casino

September 18th, 2019

If you love kitties and reels this is the best mixture for you, you will love this 3D Betsoft Slot. It has a great cute and wins combination. Here you will find both ways payline, the highest win only per line direction pays, and remember, malfunction voids all pays and plays.

How to play it?

This lovely game has 10 paylines, you can spin the wheel with an automatic bet of 10 bet level and a coin size of 0.10 or you can settle your bet preference, starting from the coin size from 0.01, 0.02, 0.03, 0.04, 0.05, 0.10, 0.15, 0.20, 0.25, 0.50 and 1.00. As well, you need to pick the bet level from 1 to 10, this amount is the credits you wanna bet per line. There is another way to start the game, if what you wanna do is to play hard, you can use the Max Bet button, this one will let you bet the highest rate possible of 100 $.

On this reel, you will find two extra modes, the double up and the autoplay mode. On the double up section you will be able to play a Heads and Tail mini game where you can bet the 50% or the 100% of your wins, you will pick a side and the coin will spin, your luck will be decided. The other option, the autoplay mode is a section where you can let the computer play for you, but first, you need to settle the configuration preferences. The bet leve, the coin size and the number of spins you wanna have.

How does the board work?

This board’s quite simple, here you can find from right to left, the question mark button first. There you will find all the payout table, the special features, and the high-value icons. As well as some other extra winning info.

Next to it, there are the autoplay and the double up buttons, this couple of options we already talked about it on the previous sections. The Spin and the Max bet buttons are the next ones in the order, this couple will make the wheel spin. In the middle of the buttons, there is a screen where you can see the wins of that spin and the bet you had. After that, there is the bet level and the choose coin menu. Remember they work using specific ranges. Finally but not last, the audio active or deactivate button and the settings menu. On this last one, you may select background music to disable or enable all game background music, the sound FX to enable or disable all game sound effects, the disable expandicon option which will prevent normal win animations from playing, resulting in a faster spin to spin time.

Icons and wins.

The main feature is the Expanding Wild and Respins when wild yarn lands, it expands to fill the reel, wins are calculated and all none-wild reels are re-spun. This feature will occur on reels 2, 3 and 4 only.

Win twice per line, pays simultaneous for the right to left and left to right. Five of a kind on a win line pays twice. The icons on the game are a milk box, a comb, a kittie toy, and other extra stuff. These icons pay from 250 to 25 depending on the case.

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